memory by joseph hernandez

Memory and consciousness are very interesting concepts that effect everyone on a daily basis. I find it really interesting how the brain prioritizes what is important for memory and then there is just a giant category of miscellaneous information that is just completely forgotten. What is it that compels the brain to forget certain information? I have a “memory box” where I keep a lot of important personal artifacts. It’s interesting because whatever I want to keep in there is because I feel like those are pieces of art in my life. They are my own pieces of art that I keep in my own personal museum. I have altered my possibility of what my brain will remember because I have created that for myself. Art is something that is really important but art can still be forgettable; museums can do the same thing and alter the possibility of an individual’s memory and leaving a lasting effect of art on people’s minds. <img src=”×226.jpg” alt=”museum” title=”museum” width=”300″ height=”226″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-1606″ />

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