Josh Bohbot- sec B: A jewish view on organ donations.

In the Jewish religion we are taught that every life is worth fighting for and if there is way to save it we should do everything in our power. In contrast there is another idea which is that a person is obligated to avoid dangerous situations in order to protect your own life. If donation of an organ has a very high risk of endangering the donors life, would this mean that organ donation is prohibited? It would seem obvious to most people to do what is necessary, even to donate their organs, to save another life, but where does Judaism come in. In some sense it seem that is should prohibited but on the other hand, where is our sense of obligation to other people if they are in grave need. It would seem that is should be permissible according to the laws of  Judaism.

Jewish law permits organ donation if it will be of immediate use, but prohibits to give organs to banks, which would sit until someone might need it. In my opinion, allowing an organ to be donated, while you are still alive, to a an organ bank, in a way, is hoping that someone might get sick or injured causing them to need the organ. This would be in violation of the law of  desecration of a body. Once can see this as someones selfishness to feel good about giving away a part of your body. In Judaism the concept of pikuach nefesh, saving someones life,  is always strongly emphasised in a Jewish education, and because of this concept is the reason why organ donation is even allowed (with certain parameters). Organ donation falls into this category.

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