How Can Something so Beautiful be so Bad? Nicole Carnarius

Of course its only natural to be a little apprehensive about genetically modified organisms. No one really knows what the draw backs are yet. It is logical to assume that humanity will bring on its own destruction if we keep things going the way they’re going. So what’s going to be the innovation that does us in? Genetically modified organisms are an interesting candidate. Certainly not as imposing as industrial waste or global warming. If we follow what could be called the “M. Night Shamala” theory, we will be done in by what we least expect. Now you might be thinking, well genetically modified organisms are well known, how could they possibly be what we least expect? If you look at many of the anti-genetically modified organism articles, their whole purpose is illuminating this problem, gmos, that has been secretly infiltrating our grocery stores and our bodies. I’m sorry to inform nay-sayers, that they- like most naysayers- are too late. GMOs, like stem cells and gay marriage, are here to stay, and most people still don’t care. WHY? BECAUSE GMOS ROCK!


The color of this flower’s petals are actually changed through chemical substances placed in its water but in no time at all this is going to be one of the more simply things that genetically modified organisms will be able to do for us.

What will it be like when everything we use is genetically engineered? Will it be a paradise or a hell of our own design? Honestly it could go either way and its not like we are unhappy without genetically engineered organisms. We’re just a little more bored and have to work a little bit harder. 

Pass the flavr savr tomato.

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