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This week’s lecture reminded me of a class that I took in high school. The class is simply called biotechnology. In that class we learned about all the procedure that researchers use to examine the test subjects. But most importantly we learned about data recording. At the same time, I learned a lot about DNA through the class. I think DNA is a very interesting concept of living organisms. Even though scientist decoded the genetic code, each human have different unique personalities. A move call i-robot point out the importance of “soul” in a human body. In the movie, the setting is in the future when robots are common technology like ipod today. A new robot was built and strangely it has feelings and dreams. What is so important here is the significance of artificial intelligence. A.I. will be created one day and us humans will have to be prepared for it. But on the other hand, what the movie discussed about “soul”, is not yet scientifically proved. Yes, each person has a different personality. But, what if the thing that makes us different from each other, our souls, does exist. What if our souls are not imprinted on our genetic code? What if it comes to the question of life after death? If we do have souls, after we die, will our souls go somewhere else? These are all interesting questions even though it does not concern biotechnology. And even if we have souls, will our technology advance to the step that robots will be able to have their own way of thinking?

Relate to the blog that I wrote a few weeks ago about natural selection, at the same time that our technology is advancing, nature is also evolving in different paths. There is a tree in UCLA botanical garden that has a slightly oiled skin that when there is a fire it just burns out and go into a sudden comma until the fire is over. My friends and me were discussing about natural selection the other day again and we were just amazed of how nature works. Us humans are developing the technology in a way that entertain us by developing all these high definition LCD screens and comfortable using the nature’s resources. And on the other side of our planet, our nature is evolving for their own survival. What if nothing is happening to the world right now? Will that tree that has oiled skin ever evolve to what it is now? If a prehistoric shark still exist on the planet, that means that our ocean is really not that effected enough that it still manage to survive. It’s really interesting to acknowledge that this kind of creature still exist in our planet. It is a surprising discovery, and also a sad fact that all the other animals that lived in that period of time died because of our industrial pollution. On the other hand, if we can use all these techniques that animals use to survive in our biotechnology, and be able to understand it, will we be able to create a better world?

prehistory shark

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