josh bohbot - week 5 midterm - Are you enjoying the shoooow

Part 1

Concerts are beginning to have in recent decades an extensive use of technology. Some artists try to be part of the technological aspect during their own shows. Some artists will use technology to just plain replace themselves on stage, while others will perform the most surreal show they possibly can. Ill talk specifically of the groups Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, Radiohead and their concert styles and how those relate to topics covered.

During their show the group Daft Punk try to physically become a part of their stage set. Their DJ equipment is positioned at the top of a pyramid set. In addition, the pyramid also has a massive lighting set up and uses intricate video projects. During a typical Daft Punk’s shows, the complex lighting systems incorporates various ranges of light. The lighting may suddenly become very dark and the only thing the audience can see is the figure of the artists. The only time you can see the artist is when they consciously want the audience to see them, but only as an image in the lighting.  Kraftwerk, a 1970’s techno band, are a very design oriented band. During the duration of the show, a video is constantly playing on a very large screen, in the background. The band will put different animated abstract art work which is projected onto the background screen. Sometimes the band becomes very creative and replaces themselves with a robotic version of themselves, which dance to the music in a mechanical way. Lastly, the band Radiohead incorporates diffused lighting in order to captivate their audience, to give them an outer body experience. Radiohead also uses voice distortions, created by modern equipment, which gives this band a mysterious, trippy and unique sound.

Part II

Music based video games have gained great popularity in recent years, mainly due to games such as great Guitar Hero  and Rock band. Most of these rhythm and music games are all very much reflex based. The music plays a large role in the game play but the player’s ability to be creative during game play is limited. I want to create a game that will combine different concepts from music based game play and action games. My game play concept will force players to become more sensitive to the music while still having an interesting and action packed experience.  Advances in technology have given artists, in many different artistic areas, the ability to use music in so many ways and on an incredible number of mediums. Music is now being coupled with programming techniques, creating digital abstracition. The medium I would using would the Nintendo Wii  videogame console. Users would use the Wii’s motion sensing remote to come “follow the music.

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