Desi Midterm_Nicole Carnarius

The topics that were discussed so far are two cultures, mathematics and perspective, robotics and kinetic art, the body and medicine. But it was much more than that. It was how art is used to communicate science. More than words alone, art can recreate reality in symbolic form. Objects are simplified, but they still retain their role. The class was also about how technology is used by artists to create even more dazzling art. For mathematics, Artists used formulas to accurately depict perspective and now use mathematical equations in the form of computer code to create animated works. Artists use robots to convey the human form. Replicas of humanity are very important for some reason. People see humanity in everything they interpret. Art speaks to everyone personally. The more accurate it conveys what the artist wants to say, the more people understand it. Technology makes art more accurate. Technology also exponentially improves science. The more technology can accurately depict what scientists want to experiment, the more they can prove.
Art and science exist together in the realm of higher human intellect or heightened self-awareness. They use the same tools, and in the renaissance, could be mastered together by one individual. Art and science both elucidate reality. In modern times art and science have drifted apart. Specialization in the rule of the era, but there is spectrum of professions between the two bodies of thought. If design had to be put somewhere in the spectrum, it would be at the middle. The term design encompasses any act that uses both science and art.

My midterm was called ‚ÄúPlants Growing on People.” It proposed the idea of creating a method through the ingestion of small seeds and genetic manipulation, some one could grow plants, chia plants specifically out of their skin. In my midterm, superficially I was concentrated in the topic of body and medicine, but the tools used were mechanical, involving math and robotics. Depictions of the human body are one of the most common artist expressions. Careful examination of the body allows people to know better how it operates and how to manipulate it. My project was about body manipulation. The artistic portrayal of the skin diagram clearly described the objective of my projects in mere seconds. The diagram I created was replicating a combination of actual microscopic photographs and other drawn diagrams. I noticed that there were not any skin diagrams done on adobe illustrator. I think that in the future everything will have to be integrated into vector art. We are in the beginning stages now so perhaps knowing to use Illustrator will be obsolete in the future. Using a keyboard and a laptop cursor is not the best interface for artistic expression, and people in digital art have been known to develop wrist and shoulder injuries over time. Nonetheless, by converting this data into vector art, it makes art more accessible to different forms of publication. In that way, it is an improvement in print and mass media. This form of art incorporates digital technology, which is a type of technology created with the use of mathematics for programs and robotics for its construction.

Despite the rapid pace of technological development, art has not missed a beat in integrating itself into our modern science driven culture and is only becoming more present in society as technology gets more advanced.

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