Week 5 - Mind Cube

Desma 9 has been an interesting experience for me. I did not really know what to expect from it in the beginning and I did not really understand it, but when asked to do my midterm I set my mind to put together what I had learnt. My midterm is somewhat a combination of all we have done in the class, a video game which deals with virtual technology.

Topics which i have found particularly intersting are the topics of mathematics and the human body, as well the kinetic arts. I liked the possible applications of mathematics in the field of plastic surgery and other medical practices. Being a biology major, I find intersting novel ways in which to explore the field i hadn’t thought of. The Van Googh Brushstroke representation John showed in class is an example of this.

I was introduced to so many different programs and softwares used by not only scientists and researchers but by students and artists. I particularly liked processing which introduced me to this world of animation which was simple to create and easy to understand. My initial idea for the midterm was to create a machine where you could insert the animation through Java or C++ and accoring to the audio input, a 3 dimensional video would be displayed on all the surrounding surfaces. This would use a lot of softwares and programs which were introduced to me in this class.

I feel, that in the 21st century we are going to see the creation of a large number of machines that will revolutionalize the way we live our everyway lives. Simples chores such as cooking, watching television, even washing dishes will be assisted by robots. Transport will have to change due to the energy crisis the world is currently facing. With a limited, quickly diminishing supply of oil and petroleum, new sources of energy must be found which will power not only cars but airplanes, helecopters etc.

With the arrival of such machines and robots, human beings will have to find new and advanced method for carrying out research, and even imparting education. With intelligence systems such as Artificial Intelligene (AI) and visual systems such as Virtual Reality (VR), man has shown that it is capable of understanding itself to almost its entire entity with the onset of new technology.

This is why I finally decided to do my midterm presentation on a VR video game console which will combine the discoveries of scientists, artists and gamers. MindCube has been designed using different existing technologies in a way never used before. With 3 dimensional projectors already being used, and C.A.V.E., a virtual reality system used by most research facilities in the study of the human body, the universe and even human psychology. Both of these have been combined to produce a video game console which not only relaxes the mind, but also helps train specific muscles of the body, for use by sportsmen, and can be used by students to study cells, the brain etc. With games designed to increase the imagination as well as the thinking capabilities of children, MindCube will be the next gen game.

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