Midterm_ Piero Vallarino Gancia

Science and Art have always coexisted but there was a period when the two seemed to be diverging in their paths. Recall the Renaissance and the Enlightenment in Europe: not only did these disciplines coexist they coincided and were very often combined in order to give meaning or understand certain things.


This period of coexisting is long gone. We can’t blame on anyone but ourselves. Our relentless pursuit for scientific evolution has accumulated so much knowledge that it is impossible to expand this knowledge unless we have professionals dedicating their lives to understanding the most minute of things. This has forced us to specialize and ironically lose knowledge about other things. In a certain way we are more concerned in advancing collective knowledge than our own.


But there are some fields in which the coexisting and mutual cooperation of science and art have never stopped. There was never a real distinction between the two in architecture, music or even painting; mathematics was always present and it would have been impossible to create symphonies, monumental structures or perspective was it not for numbers and their practical applications.


In our age of technology art and science have fused in new and different ways. Art has become an essential way to represent the complexity of science and make it available to other people. On the other hand, science increasingly permeates new art forms such as film or music; indeed they cannot be mutually exclusive.


Science has even changed the nature of art. Walter Benjamin asserts that “with the advent of art’s mechanical reproducibility, and the development of forms of art (such as film) in which there is no actual original, the experience of art could be freed from place and ritual and instead brought under the gaze and control of a mass audience, leading to a shattering of the aura.”


I have done my project on 3D rendering and art mixed with cinematography. I attempt to create a cage like environment in which the users would be able to go on virtual safaris in order for them to become familiarized with endangered species from all around the world.  One would be able to go to the arctic in order to observe how the polar bear is losing its habitat and being forced to swim over longer and longer distances in order to find fish.


My installation called SPECIES 3D consists of a room fitted with 6 semitransparent walls to which 6 projectors are fitted behind. When the video comes through the semitransparent screen it will fill the room and the 3D illusion will be given.


I am interested in this topic as I am currently involved with Greenpeace and some of their actions in the Brazilian rainforest. It is sad to see how people take the extinction of so many animals and vegetal life so easy heartedly. Not only are we losing amazing natural sights, we are possibly getting rid of thousand of potential herbs and plants which could advance our own medicine. We care more about the economy and how China has to supply its boom with the Ganges Dam, than the hundreds of acres of land that served as natural habitat to pandas or tigers.


We have to do something, and I hope that through the installation the user will appreciate the scenery of the earth and be motivated to act. Earth is the most beautiful piece of art ever conceived; we have to take care of it. 

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