Week 5_ No Limits by Christine Vu

       My presentation idea used chemical processes as well as art to create a tool with an appearance not suitable for its function. My experiment was inspired for my interest in chemistry as well as fashion. Being a science major, it is hard to incorporate art into my daily routines. This project allowed me to truly experience the third culture, providing an opportunity to incorporate both science and art. In the first week, our class discussed the significance as well as the benefits of incorporating both science and art. Straying away from the norm, inventions to bridge these two offer a different perspective to its audience. WIth my invention, I did just this. I could have easily created another scientific tool to measure rain, just like any other scientist from the past. Instead, I wanted to introduce a new thought, something that has not yet been considered. And so, I followed through with fashion, incorporating clothes, chemicals, and weather. In my experiment, I gave underwear additional roles, to measure humidity and act as a canvas. I incorporated art by creating an underwear that would change colors in response to the environment. I did my best to incorporate Week 3’s topic of Industrial Age, Kinetic Art, and Robotics.
       In class, we learned that innovations from the Industrial Age were successful because the inventors understood the limitless of art. During this time era, pictures, motion films, and grand technological inventions were attributable to individuals who were fearless to try new things. They used artwork as well as science to create masterpieces of their own. In relation to my creation, I did not hesitate to design something even though I knew it could be viewed as impractical. Some of the greatest inventions were first seen as ridiculous before they were gradually accepted into society. For example, many sculptures designed by Kinetic Artists are a bit confusing. Like the sculpture we saw in discussion, in which a man’s muscles were carved in order to create a sense of forward motion. Students each interpreted the artwork differently. Also, our very own sculptures in the UCLA sculpture garden. At times, I find myself wondering what some of them represent, and the reason behind their brilliance. Some can appear so simple and boring to the naked eye. Art is amazing in that there is never a right or wrong answer. The way a person interprets something can be affected by their past experience, personality, culture, etc. Consequently, the form can never be mastered. It is always changing. There will always be something to learn along with something to be taught.
       In Week 4, Professor Vesna suggested a reading, “The Architecture of Life.” This article supported the methodology behind my experiment. When I read this article, I thought the title was perfect, it really broke down the building blocks of life. I have always enjoyed learning about the symbiotic relationship between biology and chemistry. The topic of Human Body and medicine did a great job in addressing the importance of biochemical reactions. I learned how chemical processes such as these serve to keep our body alive. They can also produce such changes as the one in my experiment, the color deterioration due to hydrolysis. In the field of science, information about chemical reactions is helping researchers further their knowledge about the world in which we live as well as our very own body. Learning more and more has enabled us to formulate medicine and techniques to fix any discrepancies in our biological systems. Science’s ability to contribute to technology has helped us to better understand our own universal art-form, the human body.
                            no limits

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