josh bohbot- Im a cyborg now


Personally I have had laser surgery on my back and legs. While in surgery, for my back, they simultaneously cut a part of my achiliis tendon to loosen the muscles in my foot. Prior to Laser technology, this surgery was much more dangerous. Infection could have occurred, recovery time was doubled and the time in surgery was cut in half. Technology has mad a huge impact on medicine as a whole and more specifically on the human body. the Advances in robotics old medicine its not completely out of the question spinal fusion becombined with robotics . just like a certain comic book vilain (hint hint)

weve seen in class examples of robotic arms being created, who knows whats in the future

I cannot imagine living in modern day society without the aid of technology. They only way I am able to type on the computer are by using my typing pad. Most technological computer advancements in word processing are created for the sheer reason of convinces and for just plain lazy college students, but in fact these little lazy advancements make the world of difference to individuals with motor disabilities. Some modern technology is truly used for people that need it.  example the google dropdown word prediction.

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