Promises of an Engineer by Brandon Aust

For my writing this week, I have decided to write oaths that I intend to follow once I am employed as an engineer. I am currently a Mechanical Engineering major and I believe that it is important to make sure that I follow an ethical career path. Even before I can receive my degree, I must take an engineering ethics course, so the university also believes that it is an important aspect of the job.

As an engineer I hereby promise to stick to the following oaths in order to have a successful and meaningful career:
I will try my hardest to create new technologies that will change the world and either aid or entertain my audience.

I will lead an honest career, and make sure that I understand the ethics of my career. By this I mean I shall not steal ideas. I shall not create devices that will harm the earth or humanity. If I am employed by a government agency, I will not be a traitor to my country.

I will ensure that I am a great coworker. Seeing how engineering is increasing its work as a team, it will be important that I not only have the knowledge required to do my job, but I will also have to be sociable, willing to change my opinion, and able to work with a variety of personalities in order to create the best product.

I will have to know how to take criticism. I will have to know that the criticism is to only better me and the product that I am working on. By taking criticism in stride, I will only become a better person and engineer. I will also have to know how and when to give criticism appropriately to my peers, so that they too can become better people and workers.

I will stay informed about new technologies that will help aid me in my projects. It is not only important for me to focus on my own work, but the work that is going on around me.

I will stay informed about new science discoveries that change the way we view the world and my field of study. By doing this I will possess all the necessary tools to do my job correctly, effectively, and efficiently.

I will give back to my school that trained me in order to help keep my field alive with new, eager minds that will help expand the depth of my field, just as I intend to do now.

I will give back to my community which helped shape me into the worker and person that I have become. Without a solid sense of community, the work I do would be pointless.

By following these oaths, I believe that I can be an ethical worker and make the world a safer, better, and more entertaining world to live in.

-Brandon Aust

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