Week 4: Anatomy and Art by Leah Sitler

Anatomy is a strange but interesting thing.  Humans are always searching to dissect and disassemble in order to understand the way things work.  We see that with the use of math to break down motion and color and nature.  We see that with robotics-trying to recreate from what we know.  Desiring to understand the inner workings of others’ creations.  It is the same with the human body.  There is a constant strive in the medical world to understand why things work, why the brain does what it does.  In Renaissance times, human dissections became public events, comparable to theatre.   

Vesalius was famous for his skills in dissection.  He was a pioneer for hands-on exploration of the human anatomy, and would often encourage people to reach in and feel the organs during the dissections.  

A depiction of a public dissection.

A depiction of a public dissection.


Nowadays, Walmor Correa is an artist who gets his inspiration from biology.  He draws mythical and hybrid anatomical representations, getting his inspiration from evolution theories, taxidermy, and Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical studies.  His art includes anatomical drawings of mythical animals, such as mermaids, but also ways in which the human body can be improved. 


This is an example of the way biology and the human body is incorporated in art.  While the drawings are of nonsensical creatures, they are done in a biological and anatomical matter.  Through art, Correa explores what may one day be possible with science; hybrids and mythical creatures.  He approaches them as if they already existed, on the dissection table in front of him.

Correa says about himself: 

These Hybrid mammals and insects, birds and fish, mammals and birds, mammals and fish point to a whimsical world and represent the taxidermy of a fantastic wildlife that boggles our mind, all the more so because, in today’s world, they are no longer mere artistic hallucinations, but actual scientific possibilities.

For more information about Walmor Correa, visit his website: http://www.walmorcorrea.com.br/index.htm 

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