The Art of Robotics by Adam Wyatt

As technology advances more and more, people fear of it rises.  People fear that it can and will take over the world.  They fear the power that technology possesses.   Many people use art to portray this fear.  For example, the book and later move I, Robot illustrates the fear of robots taking over the world from us.  The robots start off as an integral part of society.  They then develop the ability to think on their own and make their own decisions.  They break their programming and begin to take over and attack the humans.  This is the people’s fear of technology displayed in artistic form of a book and movie.  This, however, does not mean that technology and art are separate, showing possible problems of the other. 

The movie I, Robot uses a ton of new technology for special effects in the movie.   The movie depicts the robots using complete computer graphics.  The technology meets the art form.  The ability to show the book in a graphical way made the movie possible.  The use of technology to do art is the ultimate combination and overlap of art and technology.  The Matrix is another great example of this overlap.  This movie displayed cutting edge technology to make the piece of art better.  The amazing fight scenes could not have existed without the technology.

The constructing and development of robotics is an art form in itself.  To try and make a machine move an act like a human seems impossible, but robotics attempts this.  It is just like a sculpture with a human being as the model.  However, not only does this sculpture have to look like a human, it as have to move like a human.  It also does not only have to move like a human; it has to attempt to think like a human.  This is the artistic attempt of a scientist studying robotics.  A very difficult task that they attempt everyday and are making great strides in.

by Adam Wyatt

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