Art inspires technology, and technology inspires art

My mom is a painter who uses pastels.  The medium she paints in requires special technologies in order for her work to succeed.  Because of the field of pastels a special sealant was developed that makes the pastel stick to the canvas.  My mom also extensively uses photo shop to create mock ups of her artwork before she paints it.  In this way different technologies were developed for the purposes of artwork.
I went to a comedy show on Sunday where I saw technology inspiring art.  Throughout the show different technologies were joked about in what is arguably one of the only improve forms of artwork.  One particular joke involved the history of communication where the comedian talked about how a drunk telegram would sound when the telegraph was a major form of communication.  There were also jokes about facebook, as well as many other modern technologies.  In this way comedy and modern technology are inextricably linked.  One thing we have not talked about yet is the affect communication has had on artwork.  Now when someone creates art its ability to proliferate in society has greatly increased.  This allows artists to make a political statement and actually expect to have an influence on the world.  One example of how pervasive art has become lies with YouTube and this video on wall paintings:
<a href=’′ >wall painted animation</a>

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