Week 3

            Robotics has changed our world most completely and in very unique ways.  I think it is fascinating that art and the technology behind them can be so connected.  When we even take a look at the medical field, it is clear that robots have changed what is capable there.  This class had made me appreciate the connection of these two fields so much more than I ever thought I would.  The movie industry will never be the same now that robots have been introduced.  I remember the first time I watched Jurassic Park and then I saw some sort of documentary about how they made the dinosaurs literally come to life.  This raised my appreciation of the movie much greater.  The movies have taken on a new kind of art, one that could not have been possible even 20 years ago with out all the new achievements in technology and science. 

            Though it is not directly related to what we were discussing in class this week, I have developed a whole new appreciation for art and I am noticing art around me a lot more since I started taking this class.  I have observed that there really is art in nearly everything, even in the most unlikely places.  This past weekend, I was at home, and I was driving down some of the same streets I always do, but I noticed many new things.  All of this comes from the idea that people make functional things, but make them beautiful or creative in some way.  One example is in downtown Santa Barbara.  There are streetlights that have corn at the base and corn cut outs are found in the connecting railings between the lights.  Normal street lights of gray would work perfectly fine, but they are using the technology of lighting the street to creating something more pleasing to the eye.  Over the weekend I was struck by how awesome I think this is.  Bridges are often another functionally beautiful creation.  I have seen so many different bridges through the years, and some stand out as memorable because of the way the constructed.  The one in the picture stands out to me in my memory of being there and walking across it.  The wood-work that it took to create the bridge is certainly art, the function and technology are very basic, and the plants are just there to create a beautiful scene. 

1250035027_efec56765bAll bridges serve the purpose of getting people across areas, but some are more elaborate and decadent than others.  It makes me happy that architects can incorporate art into their work. 

            Another place that I have really realized is a form of art is cutting trees and gardening.  When we have our trees cut at home, my parents always directed which parts of the tree to cut and how to keep it remaining beautiful.  I always thought that this was kind of silly, but then I realized that this is another form of art.  When you compare the way quality cut trees look compared to those that were just “chopped” there is a real difference. 

            All around us there is art, whether in robots, movies, trees, or architecture.  I think this is the beginning of what this class is trying to encourage us to incorporate into our thought as scholars.


Natalie Ridling

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