week 3: theme parks

                The Industrial Revolution in the late 18th and early 19th century created a major burst of technological advances in transportation, manufacturing, and production allowed our modern day society to be greatly affected by technology. Some major inventions that came out of the Industrial Revolution, and time after, that greatly affected society are the airplane, cars, radio, steam engine, air conditioning, television, microwave, internet, computer, printing press and even Google.   

                Technology has greatly affected society in many different areas such as the media, entertainment industry, the medical world, and even the business world. Technology is everywhere and one place where technology is necessary is theme parks. Theme parks are the center of art and science of the world. Disneyland is the world’s perfect example of technological art. Several of Disneyland’s rides are very simple and generic robots and just amazing technological feat.  iasw11The “It’s A Small World” ride is full of little international robotic kids that sing in a very creepy way and the ride itself is artistic as well. Another great example is the Jurassic Park ride in Universal Studios.  The Jurassic park ride is full of robotic dinosaurs which are meant to scare the life out of you but most importantly is the fact that such a technological feat was created.jurassicush

                In all honesty I don’t care much for writing about robots I love to learn about them, see them, and even learn to make them so I apologize for the very pathetic attempt to write something readable. Thank you and sorry to have wasted your time this weekend, but next week’s topic sounds a lot more entertainment so yay!!! Yeah sorry .








Dafne Luna

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