Week_3 Getting People to Interact with Robotic Art By Gaurav Bansal

Robotic art is the epitome of art and technology working together. Robotics has an aura of technological advancement, and the future, and in a modern sense, it is hard for people to connect to that. Through art, people can become involved with robotics and feel as if they are in a high tech future, right now. One of the more conventional ways this occurs is through robotic art instillations. One in particular I found interesting is called “the Flock,” by Ken Rinaldo.




This instillation entails large robotic arms that move around with the music being played. The motion is suppose to signify the natural movement of groups found in nature. The interesting part from the website is that there are pictures posted of people interacting with the instillation. By the few pictures it is easy to see that people really get into these pieces of art. This is one way that art uses robotics and tries to bring it to today’s culture. However, art can utilize robotics without having ever physically constructed a robot. Popular media has thoroughly made use of “robotics” in digital media.

Many movies make use of robotic technology. One of the more visually appealing examples, as well as relatively recent, is the movie I,Robot, directed by Alex Proyas. The robots in the movie are very high tech and interact very well with the humans in that world. There is a point in the movie at which the main character questions why the robots have to look like humans. Though there is no direct answer to this question in the movie, it is possible to make a good guess at why the movie was created with the robots this way. In this example, the audience is the viewers, and the movie is an instillation. The digital robotic art is trying to make the audience interact with the robotic characters, and it is much easier for the audience to interact with a humanlike object, as opposed to an obscure shape with blinking lights.

I, Robot

I, Robot


Obscure Robot

Another way art is using robotics through digital media is television. The television show that stands the most out to me for using robots is a show called Futurama.


In the series, the main character is from the year 2000, and is accidently cryogenically frozen until the year 3000. In this future world, robots are a common part of everyone’s daily lives. Eventually a robot becomes the mains characters best friend. This series does an excellent job in artistically exploring new ideas relative to robotics, and technology. Again, it does not take the direct approach of human interaction with robotics, like the instillations do, however anyone who watches this show will find something in the show that they would want in real life, thus indirectly having the audience interact with technology, even if it is only mentally.

No matter what type of robotic art is used, it is possible to have humans interact with it, be it directly or indirectly. Robotics is the path of the future and human beings need to be able to interact with them. Robotic art is the beginning of this path.

By Gaurav Bansal

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