Week 3: The Mind Trip that is Dimensionality- by Leslie Grant


As a biology major, it is inevitable that I am going to be taking many math and science courses over the next four years, courses where the instruction and material is definite and not something to be pondered or debated. Thankfully, this is not the case with this course. Every week our lectures or discussions touch on a topic that causes me to wonder about the multiple possibilities that lie behind what is known. For instance, Tuesday’s look into the topic of dimensionality fascinated me. Although I was introduced to the topic when I read Henderson’s article, “The Fourth Dimension and Non-Euclidean Geometry in Modern Art,” the subject did not truly impact my thoughts until I heard it discussed from a different perspective and listened to what my peers had to say about the topic. I was impressed with the video we watched to give an explanation about the theories of dimensionality, as it was easy to comprehend but still managed to convey ideas that are so out of the norm for us, so difficult for most of us to even see as a possibility. That video came immediately after our section’s discussion about what dimensions mean to us, in our limited three dimensional world, and I wanted to see what other theories were floating around about the subject. I decided to investigate newscientist.com, which I was first introduced to during lecture. Amazingly enough, one of the first articles I found a link to was discussing the potentiality of alternate universes and how recent discoveries could even be seen as proof of their existence. The article about “dark flow” and its connection to the greatly debated “other universes” can be found here: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20126921.900-dark-flow-proof-of-another-universe.html?page=2. It is even more fascinating when I am able to put the idea into perspective. Prior to watching this video I would not even be able to begin explaining what a universe separate from ours would consist of, now I can understand the concept of another universe arising as a result of a starting point that is completely separate from the one familiar to us, a starting point that led to different universal laws, standards, and conditions. In order to further understand the concept of alternate universes as presented by the video, a textual explanation that supplements the video can be obtained at www.tenthdimension.com

Honestly, as fascinating as the possibility of other life forms in a universe parallel to ours (or perpendicular, diagonal, who really knows) was, another aspect of dimensionality intrigued me more- the relation to time travel. The term was never explicitly used in the video we viewed on dimensionality, possibly because the term is typically met with a combination of fear and great skepticism. However, in describing the possibility of folding the fourth dimension through the fifth in order to “visit yourself during childhood”, the video essentially brought up the topic in the way that makes the concept surprisingly and almost eerily imaginable. This is the first time that I have legitimately considered time travel to be something that may be doable in the future, as opposed to a crazy and impossible topic for science fiction novels. In my mind I liken it to cloning. Years ago, many would have called someone insane for even mentioning the idea, yet it is now a reality. I will try not to get too sucked into possible conspiracy theories (If it is possible, how will it be affect the lives of those who are around to experience it? Suppose the technology is already attainable but the government is choosing to keep it secret?) and just keep the majority of my thoughts on the matter private, perhaps the world is not ready to freely discuss such a topic. 

I feel as if I could contemplate the scope of the ideas brought up in this video forever, but I must accept the reality that this would accomplish nothing. Instead, I end by saying that Rob Bryanton is a new idol of mine, for delving into the complexity of dimensions higher than ours, and for writing a book on the topic then narrating the video that I continually referenced. 


Rob Bryanton is apparently camera shy...an image of his book is all I could find.

Rob Bryanton is apparently camera shy...an image of his book is all I could find.



Leslie Grant

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