All Part of the Same

Art can exist on its own, and math can, also exist by itself. However that does not mean they are no related or cannot overlap with significant meaning.  Math can be used to draw perspective.  This brings up the idea of Escher’s art works.  He creates drawings with different perspectives especially of different buildings. However, they are impossible to be made in real life.  The picture of the stair case that is always going up is an example of this.  The drawing is all based on perspective that could never exist in real life. 

In one of my math classes in high school, the students were forced to relate math and art.  I had to draw a picture and write mathematical equations that graphed the picture.  This showed a direct correlation between math and art.  The math equations I wrote actually drew a picture.  Art could be created directly from mathematical equations. 

This reminds me of the idea of chaos theory. Chaos theory is the idea that nothing is random or chaotic.  There is a mathematical equation to explain everything.  It makes me wonder if all art could be written in mathematical equations.  With this idea, the line between math and art would be completely blurred.  There would be no difference between math and art because they would be one in the same, just as my math class in high school.

It is amazing how nature can be so related to math.  The in class demonstration on people’s faces and the golden ratio shows how the math is part of nature.  It is also amazing how the golden ratio was discovered so long ago by humans. The ancient Greeks used it in building designs such as the Parthenon.  Art, science, math, and nature are not just related, but really part of the same.  They are just different perspectives on the same idea.

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