Michael Century By: Luis Hernandez

First off, I’d like to say how much I really loved Michael Century. Just his presence. I think I might have been the classy frames and timeless voice accented by his adorable frame. His ensemble alone I feel like was a nice intro to what he talked about. This may be a stretch but at the end of the talk, it was evident to me.

When he broke his talk down into the 3 interdisciplinarity modes of compartmenalization + decompartmentalization and stability, I saw what he was talking about. Though I felt like it was really obvious at first, I have never thought about it in that way when I learned about the middle ages and the the renaissanece in high school. But once he layed it out in that way, I began to wonder about our mode- the one that we are in currently.

He described the information age as being a threshold, which I really loved. It’s so simple yet clear. The threshold being all this knowledge but where to apply it to, more importantly where substantially or effectively apply it to, is what will land us into the new ‘mode.’ He made me think about which direction we’ll be getting and what this will mean for the following generations. I feel like it is still way to early to tell. Maybe it is this ambiguity that puts our generation into the compartmenalization mode. People just having the technology sector of the community in a box that no one but scientists is allowed to open. By doing this, by having the rest of the community just allowing a select few having access to tamper with technology. I really feel like people now are just being contented with the products that continually being accessable to them every holiday season. Things like notebooks and ipods being a few of these said products. I could see this compartmentalization.
If people were more active as a community with what technological advances could do to whole communites that extend beyond their own.. that would be something like a revolution, as opposed to sitting dormantly on facebook with your new mac book pro.
In the renaissance, Michael talked briefly about the ‘revolution’ that occured between scientists and artists running around as packs. I loved this imagery and somewhat wished I lived in that time. I also liked how he later talked about scientists doing what artists wanted to do. I think I liked this even more. Maybe because now I see how much more people admire/take more seriously, someone who is a science major as opposed to an art major. It’s like the tables have turned and now more emphasis is given to technological sciences, or sciences in general. I feel like, in general people are encouraged to do something like Pre-med as opposed to art history for example and I do acknowledge that that primarily has to do with the certain economic advantages that comes with the medical field. It is something that was challenged in the renaissance period and when this ‘decompartmentalization’ came about.
If there is this comparmentalization mode, then I am curious as to what will be the new decomparmentalization. Or maybe this information age has shifted everything and michael’s idea of the 3 modes will render invalid.

-luis hernandez

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