Extra Credit#4 Music for the Eyes by Komal Kapoor




 I also attended Cindy Keefer’s lecture, “Music for the Eyes: Visual Music Films”. The lecture was a series of films that were meant to connect sound, color, and form. She explained that the intention is to “see sound”.  She introduced the artist and musician, Norman McLaren, as one of the pioneers in showing sound. His work was done in the 40s and had a huge impact on various other artists. This is an interesting video demonstrating his attempt at showing sound through these dots.   


This is just the beginning of amazing attempts at showcasing what sound looks like. Artists have even used images of the sun to display sound. This reminds me a lot of musical fountains that captivated me when I was a child (sometimes even now). The musical fountains find the perfect harmony between sounds, colors, and visual effects. They are just the next step from videos, the 3-dimensional form.


By Komal Kapoor

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