Particle Sniffer/ Nanotechnology(extra credit)- Joshua Wilson

We are in an era where Nanotechnology seems to be taking a position. The use of Nanotechnology is becoming more and more apparent, and predictions show that it will be the technology mostly used by the upcoming generations. The lecture on Thursday March 14, 2009, by Ricardo Dominguez titled “Sounding out the Matter Market” was interesting and used Nanotechnology. In this lecture, Ricardo Dominguez presented a new technology that used nanotechnology called Particle Sniffer. Also during this lecture, Ricardo showed a video and also played music that showed and illustrated the sounds of the particle sniffer. The video showed a situation where a person walked through numerous particle sniffers, and as they walked through the particle sniffer created a type of noise that seem hostile.  Ricardo also pointed out that the particle sniffer was put into several college campuses, and most banded them due to the hostile environments that college students reported. Ricardo also mentioned that many museums tried the particle sniffer but rejected it and many societies banded it, but it is still on UCLA campus. The particle sniffer is also used in airports for security reasons.

I found this lecture to be somewhat interesting, but the lecture provided not as much writable information that I can use to blog about. But what I took from it more so besides how the particle sniffer creates a hostile environment, I saw works of Nanotechnology. The idea that things will be operated on a Nano scale is pretty amazing. Things will be more efficient, smaller, and better quality.  An article by Zyvex quotes “In the future, nanotechnology will let us take off the boxing gloves. We’ll be able to snap together the fundamental building blocks of nature easily, inexpensively and in most of the ways permitted by the laws of physics. This will be essential if we are to continue the revolution in computer hardware beyond about the next decade, and will also let us fabricate an entire new generation of products that are cleaner, stronger, lighter, and more precise”. Here we see the great impact that nanotechnology will have on America in the near future. Just think how much our everyday lives would become easier through the usage of Nanotechnology. For example, just substituting the brains that operate our computers, nanotechnology will make the computers smaller. Nanotechnology will also help in finding cures for cancer and other diseases that are incurable.

As Ricardo expressed through out his lecture, the use of nanotechnology is progressively increasing. A quote by David Rejeski “Debate began in earnest on changes to federal toxics law last month as the House consumer protection subcommittee held its first hearing of the new Congress on the need to update the law. How one defines what changes need to be made to the law can differ - whether the person represents the chemical industry, an environmental organization or a host of other interests - but there was unanimous consent among the panel testifying that the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) needs changes. This is a major step forward in efforts to provide better oversight of nanotechnology” sums up the progress dealing with congress on the topic “Nanotechnology”. So the full potential of Nanotechnology is all most here.

Joshua Wilson

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