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On Thursday March 5, 2009 Daniel T. Blumenstein held a lecture involving the sounds of fear. The   topic was “Implications of alarm calling and predator detection for conservation biology and natural security”.  My first impression was that the lecture was going to discuss how alarm systems imitate animals that produce calls when in danger. It turned out he discussed a bit of that, but also gave great insight on: how some animals communicate, how different sounds represent different calls, what do calls mean, diversities of calling, what are alarm calls, and lessons for security. Through this lecture I was able to understand the impact that animals had on human security tactics.

The speaker’s discussion on the topic, what do calls mean, tide in why humans imitate animal calls. He expressed that calls could be to communicate a degree of risk,  meaning there could be calls that aim to  warn a kin of present danger, our there could be calls requesting help. Depending on the animals mood, condition or stress level, these may all have an impact on how that animal communicates. The human race develops certain calls under certain situations, for example when a person is under attack they screen. On a bigger scale, when the country is under attack they release different alerts and calls for the public. These alerts and alarms can be considered similar to animal calls. The speaker also described some individual animal vocalizations as in: group or territorial calls, contact calls, and calls that aid in the recognition of young by their parent.

The strength of a call/alert may also be determined based on the maturity of the animal, and also on a bigger scale the maturity of country. For example, in a case where a country is under attack, if the country is new the security system may not be fully equipped, which could lead to defeat. In the animal kingdom, baby animals such as marmots, may screen due to the maturity level. These calls are used as a defense mechanism, and also used in an effort to prevent distinction; in a world like today, its survival of the fittest. Many people on a day to day base don’t realize that we make certain calls based on our condition. For example, if a person is in pain he or she may release sounds expressing how they feel.

Going bake to the basics of this blog in talking about communication, I believe communication is important for survival on all types of levels. Communications is very importance on a national level because miscommunication can lead to; communication can also prevent wars and create peace. From my experience, just being in a relationship requires a great deal of communication. When both parties understand each other, the relationship seems better. The power of communication is so great, that’s why God created different ways for each species to be able to communicate. If one species had the ability to communicate to all other species, there would be dominance by that species, so I think. So the right communications will most like create the right response.


Joshua WIlson

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