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When I heard that Professor James Gimzewsk was coming to give a talk on Thursday, I was very excited.  He taught one of my Chemistry class in my first year, and I find him to be a very great speaker.  On top of that, I always have a great interest in nanotechnology.  I find it fascinating that science development in such a minute scale, can have such a great impact on the well-being of human, and even the envioronment.

One specific field of nanotechnology I am especially interested in is nanomedicine.  Nanomedicine is the application of nanotechnology in the field of medicine, as its name suggests.  The approach of applying nanotechnology in medicine is very diversified, ranging from using nanoparticle for drug delivery, to nanoelectrons for sensing purpose.

One particular example of the application of nanonology on medicine is cancer detection and treatment.  When nanoelectrons are used in junction with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), image of tumor sites can be produced at a very high resolution, rendering much easier detection of early stage cancer, as cancerous cells can be more easily distinguished from healthy cells.  Once cancerous cells are being detected, nanoparticles can be used to perform targeted drug delivery.  The three steps of nanoparticle drug delivery consists of: 1. Encapsulating drugs in nano particle.  2. Utilizing the targeting technology of nano particles to delivery said drugs into targeted region of the body.  3. Releasing the drug from the nano particle.  Another technique is to deliver gold coated nano particles shells that would bond to the cancerous tumor.  Infrared beams can then be radiated through the flesh without heating it, and the beams can heat the gold coated nano particles up, enough to efficiently kill the cancerous tumor.
Another application of nanotechnology is to achieve more efficient energy production.  Taking advantage of the small size of nano particles, a solar pannel can pack more solor cell within.  Scientists believe that the creation of more efficient solar panel, can help to feed the global power consumption, and relieve the energy crisis we face
By Justin Kiang

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