Creativity is not about doing different things but to do things differently.

What is science? What is art? Who sets the definition and by whom we shall answer these questions to?

I chose to jump into David Bohm’s “On Creativity” as my starting article of this course. The reason is rather simple: Since it has the most pages, qualitatively it shall contain the most complete definition to the comparative ideas of sciences and arts. However, I was so wrong. The paper is abstract and theoretical with its agenda pointing in different directions. If there were one thing I could blame on for my judgmental mistake, that would be my background as a science student (I’m pretty sure engineering falls under this category) which makes me a handicap in arts. But am I justified making such a claim? Well, many science students will agree with me, at least I hope, and that has nothing to neither do with nor prove of their lack of artistic nature; rather, they have been trained mechanically and repetitively to solve only science and math-related problems. But does it mean that their originality is compromised? No! The very moment they chose to take this course with a desire to discover something new has subsequently made them artistic.

My dear readers, you might find this message abstract and unclear because even I am still looking for answers as I gradually walk through this course. In a state of chaos shall the light of truth, or a bridging intersection between the two cultures, arise. Furthermore, I very like this idea of keeping a blog journal. I have a feeling that the more we try to express the most intangible feelings in words, better we are to reach a state of mind equilibrium. Simply put with the aid of Le Chatelier’s principle of chemical equilibrium, the more “science” we think we are, there is a relatively shift and increase in “arts” in us to maintain a sense of harmonious wholeness. I know this is controversial but it’s exactly what creativity meant: harmonious wholeness.

By Wei-Yi Lin

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