Week9_Nanotechnology_By Heeseok Lee

nanotechnology-kd-0011The lecture on Thursday, by Professor James Gimzewsk, makes me think of the importance of fusing art, science, and technology. These days, The fusion of art, science and technology leads to the creation of many small objects for the improvement of the human health, new electronics and seeking for better energy production. Many scientists have begun to work in the creation of small object by developing nanotechnology that controls matter at the atomic and molecular level. This control has allowed for human to innovate and create nano-particle that would improve the health of a patient with cancer. You may ask how an object smaller than a strand of hair can possibly improve the health of a patient that is suffering from cancer. The answer is simple. As US technology is growing at a fast rate, scientists have begun to work on a nano-particle that can diagnose cancer. These nano particles are more accurate and are much cheaper. Then they are also thinking in creating nano-shells can be linked to anti body, which would recognizes cancer cells and be taken in by the tumor. Then the particle would release some type of inferred light into the tumor cell getting rid of the tumor, without harming other human cells around it.nanoparticles_ani
After searching on the google, I found that nanotechnology, especially, the use of molecular tools designed to combat the disease, is expected to give a breakthrough in medical aspect. According to the National Cancer Institute’s announcement, two waves of funding for nanotech training and research, and it sees nanotechnology as vital to its goal of “eliminating suffering and death from cancer by 2015.”
The first generation of cancer nanotech applications will most likely concern detection. Nano-particles could recognize a cancer’s molecular signatures, or adhere to hidden cancerous cells, making them visible to an MRI or fluorescent light. Eventually, nano-particles could be made which not only find those cells, but also destroy them.
It is difficult to guess how soon cancer nanotechnologies will be available. It is really exciting to hear that nanotechnology could give the solution to curing cancer someday. However, still revealed fact on safety is very early stage.Nanotechnology makes contribution not only to a medical field but also many advance electronics and the production of energy, which might help us to be independent from oil fear. Researches such as seeking a better model of a solar panel to trap solar energy will resolve our energy fear. As the oil is running out and every years we are facing increase of oil price, nanotechnology seems to be one of promising solutions. However there are very few supporter of the use and the development of nanotechnology, those who are against it fear that it would bring great harm to the environment and creating various toxins harmful to humans. This isn’t true for many scientist are seeking ways of creating nanotechnology that is helpful to US humans and also considering if the creation will arise to have any harmful affect on humans. It reminds me of the lecture “greener nanotechnology” given by Jim Hutchinson. He focused on how scientist are trying to make balance on environmental safety and technological improve. I believe that nanotechnology is the key term in this century, but we are not familiar with how it will affect our environment and have no sufficient regulation for the safety, because it is in the early stage. Both scientists and beneficiary of nanotechnology should take consideration how they are going to make balance on improvement of technology and well being of human and nature.

Here is a video demonstrating how nanotechnology can treat cancer


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