Nanotechnology- Joshua Wilson

This week in lecture and lecture outside of this class for extra credit all involved topics that provided a lot of information. The topic nanotechnology that was discussed in lecture creates a new approach when dealing with technology. Nanotechnology will have a great impact on the next generations. If we look at nanotechnology in a chemistry sense, it is  where something is squeezed so small that the electrons has very little room to rotate, which gives the element higher energy. This is called, quantum confinement. Thus, this creates new ways of operating machinery, finding new designs for computer chips etc. Updates on nanotechnology today, at the Nano scale, scientist have been able to create machines on the Nano level. The definition for Nanotech is the study of the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. The future of nanotechnology foreshadows new creations with devices and materials. It has also been heard that this will affect medicine, electronics, energy production, and filtering.

In lecture on Thursday, the guess speaker mentioned how Nanotechnology may be used to reduce stress. That was interesting because humans face stress very often and most of the time it may cause diseases, and create problems. I read somewhere that nanotechnology will be able to decrease the chances of heart attack, and may even find a cure to heart attacks. If everything work on a nano scale, things would be more efficient, less weight, easier to work with, long lasting, and safer.  This new technology will benefit societies, and the manufacturing industry as a whole. From this new way of creating technology, sales and profits will go up, jobs may increase, and life as a whole may seem a bit less stressful and more productive. I believe Nanotechnology will give us a new way of approaching cancer and diseases that are not curable in today’s society.

Nanotechnology in some way or another encompasses every subject discussed in class which in tells that it will have an impact on all aspects of life. As I have looked through articles and heard the lectures on Nanotechnology, they have all described benefits from nanotechnology; But what about the bad? Can nanotechnology have a horrible impact on the environment? It appears as human advance in technology by either getting smaller or bigger, we tend to hurt the earth in some way or another. Creating new technology in return may be the human race best invention and worse.

The guess speaker also spoke on creativity and how there are endless possibilities with nanotechnology. But in such a world with around six billion people, creativity becomes pretty common and less excepted by the general population. Creativity that would benefit people as a whole is an idea that the world would be able to benefit from incorporating Nanotechnology. I sit and think of new inventions in my head everyday that work well with nanotechnology, but sooner or later I see on TV that someone has already thought of that idea or something similar.

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