week 8 nanotechnology

NanoTechnology is a new emerging field in the world today.  Nano-tech is ever-present in today’s society.  Nano-Tech is used today to clean oil off of oceans and to help solve pollution problems.  Nanotechnology is also used to create cpu’s and microprocessors.  This field holds a lot of promise for art in the world today.  Art done at that level will create a whole new realm of beauty for artists today to delve into.

The field of technology has the capacity for many unique structures. A new ice structure recently discovered seems to help seed clouds and cause rain. The ability to modify molecules and create unique structures out of them seems to be untapped. It would be interesting for a painter to be able to create a painting on the molecular level. The interesting part of this painting would be that it would have to be viewed using an electron microscope. The idea of work being done on the molecular level is similar to the idea of space. This universe is a perspective that is difficult for humans to visualize and requires special tools for us to see. This nanotechnology has inspired many works of literature as well. Books such as the shrinking man deal with people who enter a new world.

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