Extra Credit_Nanotechnology by Brittany Santoyo

Nanotechnology is widely known to act as a devastating pollute in our environment today. This is because of the fact that nanoparticles seep into our natural sources of water and air, causing extreme health and ecological risks. At the speech by Jim Hutchison, this exact issue was addressed. Hutchison mentioned that at his laboratory at the University of Oregon, the process of a greener version of nanotechnology is already coming afloat and will only prove to take off from there in the years that follow ahead.

Hutchison concentrated on the issue that nanotechnology is becoming increasingly more evident and indispensable in our everyday machinery, such as computer chips, that our society cannot afford to impede in the production of such research in order to conserve the environment. Especially in such an unstable economy, our people cannot pay to have to fix the ecological system on top of increased study. Therefore, our nation needs to prevent the problem from first happening to begin with. Hutchison, personally, has experience in this area. In the nanotech field, the average scientist exhausts as much as fifteen thousand times more solvent than what purified material was actually produced. For that reason, in order to change this, he commenced to use a filter, much like one used for kidney dialysis, to enable the purification with just a small amount of water instead of massive amounts of hazardous solute. For more on Huchinson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWuY00KtOjo

Another topic that Hutchison touched on was an unorthodox laboratory dedicated to stem cell research and is also known to be the country‘s largest facility aimed toward this particular issue. This laboratory, known as the Lorry Lokey Lab, is also extremely well noted due to the fact that it is built entirely underground, taking over no extra space in order to conserve room in an already overpopulated area. This lab plays house to over three hundred and fifty scientists collaborating to alleviate the aliment that such illnesses as heart disease and diabetes have bestowed upon us as a sickly nation. The main purpose of this colossal (at least thirty two million dollar structure) is to bring together researchers and scientists from all different backgrounds in order to solve the issues of the world. The mentality of “if we all work together, we can move mountains” is extremely evident in this huge undertaking. On top of its intense structure, the actual inside of the facility is undoubtedly just as, if not more, noteworthy than the structure itself. It is overflowing with the latest technology and allows for renowned companies such as Sony to make use of its research lab as well. The Lorry Lokey laboratory is closely connected with Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI), which Hutchison is also in secure association with. Therefore, this laboratory as well focuses on reducing the amount of waste that science generates and designing safer nanomaterials for the conservation of our natural resources.  (http://www.azonano.com/news.asp?newsID=2440)

I believe that we all need to do our part to better protect our planet as we received it. It is obvious that at the status we have as students, we are currently unable to significantly shape the world just yet. However, I believe that if more upcoming people in any distinguished field continue to hold motives similar to Jim Hutchison and his green chemistry act, our people are headed in the right direction to change for the better.

By Brittany Santoyo

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