How Insignificant We Are by Adam Wyatt

Space is more like a fantasy world to most people. They are unable to really understand what it is. It is so foreign to them. Space is just this infinite volume or mainly nothing. Even our own solar system is mainly just empty space. Everything is just so far away, it seems almost impossible for people to be able to travel even just our solar system. If traveling our solar system is so outrageous, then traveling outside of that to another galaxy seems even more impossible. We humans are now really confined to a small area around the planet Earth.

In the video in class, we got to see the universe one tenth at a time. As the video kept zooming out we saw that to the universe, Earth is just a tiny blue dot in the vastness of space and amongst the billions of other tiny dots out there. This displays how insignificant Earth is to the universe. However, it raises the great questions of what else is on those other dots. I do believe in life outside our own planet. It seems only to make sense that if we by chance were formed with chemical reactions, that this happened as well on another planet. Do I believe that they are some super advanced race? Probably not, but it is possible. It is also possible that we, in comparison, are a super advanced race. There is really nothing to reference off of to tell.

Some see my argument that Earth is really insignificant at a very depressing view. I, however, do not see it that way. I really see it as just all the more to explore and learn about. Art and science really mirror each other here. No artist would ever think that there is nothing left to explore in art. Something new is always invented, discussed, and worked with. This is the same in science. No scientist would ever view his work complete. A scientist is really only done when we have complete understanding of the universe, and because we cannot explore it all yet, the scientist must keep working to figure it all out.

By Adam Wyatt

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