Space- Joshua Wilson

I sometimes question what’s really beyond the perimeter of this earth: is there life on the opposite side of the sun? Why in such an everlasting infinite vacant area would the earth be the only sign of human life form? The word space to me means: an infinite amount of room. But if we look at it from a different view point, it can be seen as room full of space and matter.  The lecture this week involving the guest speaker, Gil Kuno, was interesting in a way that it gave me a whole different view on design media arts, and how to create art through many ways, for example sound.  He also took his art work and showed the class how art and technology works together.

Gil Kuno in lecture spoke on the “Power of the Tenth”, and he also presented the original video on it.  The video was interesting; it allowed us to view the world a tenth at a time. It was also interesting, how the movie zoomed in and out a square at a time. Now going back to how a little blue dot sits in vast amounts of space which has been known as limitless, how could that blue dot believe that their the only sign of life. Many people in human history and in today’s era have imagined life beyond the premises of the earth, many have also believed and still believe that we the human race are ignorant what’s out there because we have not traveled all across the universe. For example, movies such as “Aliens” or “war of worlds” reflect the thoughts and theories people have on what has not yet been discovered.  Could it be that the earth is falling in space but never reaches a stop because there is no end to space? The real thought of space and how the earth fits in space has all been hard to understand by different societies. People have been ok with just knowing that there are large amounts of space past the skies of this world.

Nations of today have and still travel space, where they travel to discover the unknown. Space is full of what’s considered unknown, and that is what drives nations to spend billions of dollars on space travel.  As of now, NASA has put together a detector, named Kepler, which will enable them to travel through space and find any Earth-like planets. In the article discussing this invention, Jon Morse quoted “Kepler is a key component in NASA’s broader efforts to ultimately find and study planets where earth life conditions maybe present”, here we see why space travel is important, to discover the unknown. Let’s just say there were other life forms out there; then I believe there would be planet to planet wars. In many ways, people are afraid of what is different, or the unknown, but I believe not knowing can have its benefits and it could also have its downfalls. There is a great saying, “ignorance is bliss” or in other words it creates a sense of comfort.

Joshua Wilson

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