Week8_About Alien


People’s desire to discover unknown territory has uncovered many new worlds. Since there is no extra place to discover on the earth, we have turned our perspective to the outside of the earth. The space always has been one of the most wonderful subjects to talk; to study; to imagine. What kinds of planets are out there? How many large is the space? Are there any aliens? If something happens on the earth, would we be able to move to another planet?


In search of the trace of extraterrestrial life, many countries have sent robots or satellites to the space. Especially, since 1960, Soviet Union and America had sent countless searching machines to the mars, the nearest planet to the earth except the moon. (related movie: Roving Mars (2006) <http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0436595/>)


Other than scientific research, the fictional outreach toward the aliens is far more developed. In Douglas Adams’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” the aliens are living with humans. In famous movie “E.T.”, the girl contacts with the alien. 

Also, in the long-run BBC drama “Doctor Who,” the alien is the savior of the human beings and all universe. In this drama, the human companion travels with Doctor through time and space.


As we read or watch the fictional constructions, we can see that we have two distinctive ideas about the strange (maybe imaginary) friends. 

One is their kindness and another is their aggression. Most of the time, aliens with human look display the kind and friendly side of the alien like Doctor in “Doctor Who.” The aggressive side is usually depicted in i’m-definetly-not-a-human look, like the aliens from “War of the Worlds” or “Alien”.



Because of these approaches toward the space through media and science, most people believe that there are definetly something else in the space. Opposite to the common myth, the French writer Bernard Werber suggests the new idea. What if the earth is only planet with life─What if organisms on the earth are the only organisms throughout the whole universe?


The concept about existence of extraterrestrial subject is like Schrodinger’s cat theory. In the huge box called universe (except the earth), there is 50 percent chance that something other than human exists and 50 percent that does not. The only one who knows its existence for sure is the alien itself. And in order to open the box and find it out, we  constantly explore outside of the earth.



by Jhi-Yeon Oh


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