Final abstract_Jhi-Yeon Oh

Our body functions by transmitting electric signals from the brain to the nervous cell to the body cells. The major electric signals are passed mostly by the central nervous system (CNS) which falls down from head to the toe, along the vertebrae. Therefore, if one injures his/her vertebrae, the damage can cause paralysis of the body─parts or whole. Sometimes this damage is irreversible or hard to fully recover.

This is because of that the electric signal cannot pass through the broken nervous connections. Stem cell research has coming into the spotlight since the stem cell can regrown into new spinal cord, reconnecting CNS. However, this free growing potential of stem cell has brought up to the ethical issues such as cloning.

The purpose of ‘The six million dollar man’ project is to build an artificial nervous system using nano/biotechnics. Thin cords will link two broken nerves and transmit the electrical signal between them to move the paralyzed parts again.



by Jhi-Yeon Oh


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