Week 7: Leona Goto 003604219

The human conscience: it is the ever-elusive mystery of humanity. Philosophers have fumbled over this question for centuries, scientists struggle to find a logical explanation for it, religions all over the world have their different theories for it, and the crazy thing is that everybody is born with it yet nobody really knows. It takes us to the question of our existence. Why are we here? Why do we feel? Why do we remember? What is it all for? Trying to answer these questions takes us to something almost divine, in the way that every conscious being is granted a window of perception that is all very unique. What we believe to be reality is, perhaps, is simply our mind’s perception. From this arises a question: what in the world is reality? Are all of our realities connected, as we have always believed they were? Or are they not?

Now, I’m not trying to tell everyone to go out and take hallucinogenic drugs, but I have to say that some of my current ideas on these subjects have been derived from my experiences with magic mushrooms. A couple years ago my friend and I decided that we were close enough as friends to experience a hallucinogenic trip together. We understood that depending on the circumstances and our surroundings, we could either experience something positive or possibly dangerous and frightening. So we got ‘prepared’ and took the mushrooms at my house on a Sunday afternoon. I knew it was starting to work when the weight of the air began to change: the atmosphere felt extremely dense. And then everything that I saw was breathing, whether it was carpet, the lamp next to me, or the chair in the back of the room. And I looked outside and the leaves on the trees were in this constant, ever-renewing state. My entire world was alive, serenely in flux. What I felt was this effortless ability to see my life as a whole, as if it were put into a physical form and placed in the palm of my hands. I have never felt like this before. The detachment from my own life, allowing me to see everything, made me feel something that was extremely spiritual, if grateful. I looked up at the ceiling and it was making crazy patterns, a mix between paisley and what you’d see on a Persian rug. I would see these crazy things, while knowing that they didn’t exist. The thing about hallucinogens is that, for the most part, you are aware of the fact that what you see is not real, and yet it existed in your realm because you are not faking your visions. That is led me to the revelation that, in essence, your reality is simply what you perceive. Therefore, if your window of perception (your conscience) was somehow changed or different or altered, your reality changed as well. This made me see how so many things relied on relativity.

Not to get all radical, but I believe that our society tries to make slaves out our consciousness. In so many ways, the general population’s conscience is manipulated and limited by the external forces that try to control what we want, what we think. This is why education is extremely important: because it widens our windows of perception. Knowledge gives us the tools to take in everything and make our own choices about what we think of them. Although its such a complicated issue altogether because civilization relies on the collectivity of minds, which would be impossible in an anarchic world where we all just saw everything differently…

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