Week 7_Consciousness_ Junki Chae


Consciousness is very interesting meaning of word. The definition of conscience is pretty complex, you might say that animals have a prejudiced outlook which is a part of conscience but they are short of other significant components that let us human being to ask the matter of conscience. When somebody has a question to a different person where they are and where they will respond with what they see, have the sense of hearing, smell, feel and taste consciously.  But practically these “senses” are nothing more than evolutionary amendments generated from side to side a grouping of natural float and natural choice.


Ramakrishnan talked about the meaning of consciousness and how animals from bees to naked mole rats in any case have any sense of consciousness.  His lecture fascinated me. But I would have not thought that animals can possess such as complication of consciousness. The reason I like his lecture is because of the ideas he showed and the verities of concepts and contents he raised that I’m excited about. I’ve realized that if we are to continue to understand how animals act some kind of way and how and why they are doing. We should not try to guesstimate them and end thinking that we are the only living creatures.

Do animals need protection under the law and if so to what coverage? Should some animals have more or different rights than others? There is no obvious respond sense everyone that can be asked will no doubt have their own unique estimation on the topic. The technical world has done limitless things that have made life easier comfortable and more certain compared to centuries past. Does this make it right? And if an animal gets pain for the sake of millions of humans is it just? Cats and rats like other mammals experience fear, which originates in the amygdale producing plentiful autonomic responses not to mention raising plasma corticosterone levels. These animals are in cause more like us than we are easy admitting to. The animal kingdom has no other animal other than man who has the language and mental faculties so far as we know to express a verbal or written or theoretically stated need to be free from pain, fear or to object to being used to man kind’s awareness.
Animals have the equal feelings that we have.  They feel heat and cold and hurt, all we have to do to know this is study them.  Many animals also lament for a loved one who has died, just as we do. This one is easy for many motivations.  Ever come home at night and have your little “friend” meet you at the door with a wagging tail, a happy meow, a cheerful chirp, etc.  They don’t do this because they’re hungry, they do this because they’re happy to see you.  Have you ever seen an animal protect it’s “friend” against something they “don’t trust,” be it human or otherwise?  I have.  Ever have a little “friend” stay with you continuously when you’re ill?  I have.  Ever have a little “friend” come to you and pat your face when you’re crying?  I have.   Ever have a animals that cries when you are upset and have your voice a few octaves above what it should be?  I have.   They feel joy, happiness, sadness, fear, etc., just like we do.
Junki Chae

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