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This week’s lecture is similar to my blog for last week and it is also similar to the topic of my project.  This week’s topic “Biotechnology” is major in today’s society. Biotechnology in many ways can be viewed as a help to the human race, and it can also be viewed as a down fall. If we on a individual bases analyze human habits, one will find that we as people find ways to create the simplest life as possible. For example, we the human race didn’t always have medicine to turn to, but now societies have pharmacies within a 10-5 mile radius. The point I’m making is we turned away from the natural way of healing, because it requires work. Now the government has found another avenue to maybe increasing the quality of life for human, Biotechnology. When describing biotechnology, the study of genetics is a factor, molecular biology and biochemistry are also key subjects that arise. These subjects create the possible good it may have on society.

I haven’t felt the affects of biotechnology, but it will increase food production involving farming. Biotechnology will benefit farm income. It would increase small and large farm income and decrease the impact that agriculture has on the environment. According to the Monsanto Company, the net economic advantages of biotechnology are about 34 billion US dollars. It used to be 6 to 7 billion dollars in 2004. Biotechnology on agriculture helps reduce the release of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide). Biotechnology also helps in reducing the use of pesticides on crops. In many countries there is a big loss of crops due to insect pests. Usually a farmer will use pesticides to help get ride of insect pests. Using too much of the pesticides is not a good thing for the consumers of these crops because it can cause health problems. With biotechnology the use of pesticides is diminished and the risk of illnesses caused by these infected crops is decreased. This technology can also be of great assistance in ways such as providing alternatives for transplants, or fighting diseases.  

Biotechnology has its advantages and it also has its disadvantages. Science and technology are very useful in today’s society, but it has its limits. Going too far in science and technology can lead to very heavy consequences. For example, there is cloning. In the movie of “the island” one can see what can happen if cloning is taken to an extreme level. In this movie, science and technology is taken to the level where it can create life. Human beings are being made and raised in a very healthy regiment to produce very healthy organs. Once they develop very healthy organs then they are killed. This is just one example. Like I said before, biotechnology took away the natural process of healing. It makes everything easier for us, human beings. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? You decide. But the definite bad is humans create to much power in their effort trying to act as God, by creating life.

Joshua Wilson

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