Week 6: Swarm Technology by Komal Kapoor

This week’s lecture was exceptionally interesting because I have a personal interest in Biotechnology. The future of science lies in biotechnology, since it has already manifested in a lot of the modern technology. The subject that intrigues me the most is Swarm Intelligence. I initially learned about swarm intelligence in Michael Crichton’s book Prey and was instantly fascinated. The book is about nanoswarm that evolves to learn by its environment and learns predatory behavior. The scientists lose control of the nanobots when the robots start committing crimes. When I first read the book, I enjoyed it as a nice piece of fiction. After this lecture, I started some research on swarm intelligence and realized that Crichton’s imagination is actually in the process of being brought to life. Many scientists believe that it is important to create multiple nanobots in order to craft artificial intelligence. I came one such set of scientists/artists while conducting my research that work on the orb swarms. They have created these robots that interact with each other, and human beings, on the dance floor in the form of dance steps and music.

The artists describe them as piece of “Kinetic Art” explaining that “The SWARM of autonomous beings by their very nature will have emergent and complex behavior. They will flock, flirt, dance and interact, and their actions will surprise and astonish even us, their creators. They are simple, but together they will behave in ways more complex than we can predict. A lot like LIFE”. Here is a video that explains the SWARM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZpcGwWfRBE

The creators follow a book called The Society of Mind by Marvin Minsky  that explains that “Our persona is not a unitary existence, but in fact a result of several competing functional agents within the brain.” His theory is based on the fact that humans have contradictory interactions that allow them to be intelligent and unpredictable.  Fascinating ideas!


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