mid_terms. if it’s not on this list…i didn’t get it!

45 Responses to “mid_terms. if it’s not on this list…i didn’t get it!”

  1. afingrut says:

    this is a list of all the emails sent to me with attached midterm files. sometimes there are duplicates or triplicates if you decided to send me your project more than once. please let me know if you sent your file but it’s not on this list.

    some of you sent your project to victoria (and she sent a fwd to me)…so make sure you read the “subject line” from her emails if that’s the case. otherwise just contact me and i’ll double check…


  2. stephanie mercier says:

    sigh. im not sure if mine is on here - hard to tell bc they all have similar names. i’ll send it again just in case.