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What the hell happened to us???

What the hell happened to us???

Desma 9 has certainly been an interesting class for me to take so far. I happen to be an extremely ‘North Campus’ person, as one might put it. My inclination is certainly more towards philosophy and art rather than science. I have never been in a class with so many science majors, and it was a good chance for me to see how they perceived art and science.

What this class has taught me is that between art and science, there is technology. Technology is the love child between the two ‘polar opposites’. This shows that while the two rivaling fields have different ways of approaching ideas and materializing them, both are needed in order to advance humanity into a higher level of seeing, perceiving, and understanding. Since the industrial revolution, the progress of technology and its applications have exponentially speeded. In the last one hundred years, life for the ordinary man has changed so much so quickly—then ever before. Considering the rapidly changing experience of life, I feel that it is important to take a holistic approach to what all this ‘technology’ really means in the grand scheme of life (as an individual, as a people, as an inhabitant of planet earth). If you don’t think about the effects of technology, and what its significance really means, you lack the wisdom to know what you should and shouldn’t do with the power that comes with technology. The irresponsible use of technology can be the most destructive of things on this planet. Even things like cosmetic surgery (remember the clip of the female ‘artist’ taping her own plastic surgery procedures) may be supported by the claim that it is empowering to the human being, you must really question if that is truly what empowerment entails. I think the problem that we have is that with the rapidly advancing technology where everything is in a constant flux, we are not spared a moment or two to really reflect what is going on. To really evaluate the effects of technology. Time would be needed for that, and it seems that is the one thing we keep losing more and more of.

I feel that I took a different approach with my project than what was perhaps expected. My project was about achieving physical human advancement through a natural process. Technologizing without artificializing. I wanted to make a point that, in dealing with our physical bodies, much of what we can add, or subtract, or create through bio-technology usually ends up being only a ‘temporary’ solution. I think this is because we are not machines; we are living creatures that cannot be physically perfected in artificial ways. My idea was that the physical advancement would come from integrating physical activities like Parkour (free running) and martial arts into society, into each and every one of our lives. This EXTREMELY hypothetical idea, while it may not necessarily be actualized any time soon, shows truth in what humanity is capable of. I truly believe that we have to find a way some how to advance physically, because we are advancing so fast intellectually, and the imbalance of the two will eventually hinder us greatly. As you can see through this cartoon, it is possible to say that something has gone awry with our physical evolution since the technological revolution. This sort of regression is a product of our inability to have a balanced evolution. And being self-aware beings that actually have the ability to alter our own fates as a species, we cannot leave this be.

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