Week 5 by brittany santoyo

At the beginning of the school year, the lecture during week one encompassed the severance in the worlds of the arts and the sciences, especially relative to our very own campus. Week two incorporates fractals aspects displayed in art while week three focused on robotics and their place in the future of our society. Week four converges the idea of plastic surgery and the scheme of deoxyribonucleic acid transformation.

All four weeks embrace the notion of a strong intimate attachment and finding oneself in that in week one, the discussion included the tearing down of the barriers we construct between our own field and the field of others contrasting our own specialty. With this, one can build a stronger bond with the people in his or her community that otherwise they have never known. The person can find themselves by broadening their mind and encompassing everything imaginable into their own life’s philosophy; therefore, bettering their own life. In week two, fractals were brought up which exemplifies the expanding of one’s thoughts into art which, in turn, leads to the finding of one’s deeper core. This builds in the person a more passionate bond within themselves. In week three, robots were discussed bringing up the aspect of developing the mind to explore the world outside of the normalcy of society. When in week four, the topic of self changing through the use of plastic surgery, which correlates into tattoos and piercings. This allows the person to portray on the outside what a person feels on the inside. It epitomizes the essence of a person giving them the self esteem and confidence it takes to carry themselves as they wish. This gives them a better sense of knowing themselves. DNA modeling allows a person to “pick out” their own child and model them into a “perfect” offspring. This, for people, gives them a stronger connection with their child because he or she is exactly flawless in their eyes. Whether this is ethical is another story.

My project is based on the concept of male pregnancy. In my development, a male subject was implanted with a chip that, when activate, gives off signals to the brain “tricking” it into thinking that actual symptoms of female pregnancy are occurring. For nine months, the male will experience such things as fatigue, nausea, the sensation of a baby moving inside of them, and finally, once full term, intense contractions and “pains of childbirth.” This relates to “a stronger intimate attachment” to one’s partner in that, through this unorthodox procedure in a male, he will break down the gender barriers and be able to feel the intensity of childbirth. The pain and strength of the mind and body of a woman that gives birth will transpire into the body and mind of a man. If this project could truly be performed, it would enable him to feel the tenderness and pain that a woman goes through bringing the two closer together to share in an unbreakable bond. This practice correlates to the concept of “finding oneself” in that it allows the male to sincerely channel his “feminine” side and rid himself of ignorance in the situation; therefore, discover his true self in the process of doing so.

by Brittany Santoyo

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