Midterm Post

The Topics from the first four weeks have the unifying theme that science, technology, and Art are all linked.  Art inspires the creation of new technologies, just as technology inspires the creation of Art.  The general theme of this course, has been to prove that in our society we have separated the sciences from art, and that this separation is detrimental to society.  Throughout the course many instances of Art and Science working in concert have been demonstrated, and how in these instances great things can result.  We have seen how artists using the abilities of computers to create CGI have enabled viewers of different media to have an extreme experience.  We have seen how beauty results from mathematics in reference to the golden ratio.  Both art and Science have stemmed from nature, and as such both are inextricably linked.  The goal of science and art are the same in that we as humans wish to participate in Nature, and this shared goal should serve as a bridge to unite both sides of society.  One of the more interesting subjects that we touched on was the robot’s dancing, and whether or not in can be considered a dance.  This idea evolves from societies need to categorize and describe things.  Without the divide in society of science and art the robot dance would be called just that, a dance.  As time moves on our society has moved more and more into incorporating the two groups of Art and Science.

My project Idea relates to the theme of the course in that it takes an extremely complicated computer science idea and translates it into an aesthetically pleasing physical network.  This project will help to close the gap between Art and Science and hopefully blur the line just a little bit.  Our society continues with everything it creates to make exceptions to the rule of the separation of Art and Science.  This project will help many artists and people not in the field of Neural Medicine or Computer Science to understand how a biological brain functions and translates data into a physical decision making process.  This project will create art in its music as well as create a method for visualizing the creative process that even humans go through when they develop music.  This will hopefully help artists appreciate science and technology more, and help scientists to appreciate art and use it as a mode to visualize the difficult to understand scientific topics.  This project was born from a stance of satisfying both the science and art aspects of society and as such has helped it to become a successful project.
-Drew Stanley

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