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In the beginning of the quarter, Professor Vesna talked about the two cultures, art and science. She talked about how different the two is but how connected they are. I personally believe in the beginning it was a joke but when we went through each topic, each week, I realized art and science do coexist. The first topic deals specifically with the direct comparison between science and art.  The second topic is about dimensions, how would we define 3d? Is there really 4d was what my discussion talked about. The third week’s topic is about using science to create art. The topic talked about the work of art depending on the expertise of the artist and the level of the science also known as technology used to create the artwork. The fourth topic, however, only deal with science and have nothing to do with art. It is about the Hippocratic Oath, which is taken by medical students upon graduation and does not even mention anything related to art, unless how they came across the oath is a piece of artwork. This is when I realized that art and science are two of a kind. Before Desma 9, the two cultures do not seem as though they are in the same world, but in the past five weeks, Desma 9 has taught me that these two cultures are similar in that they are necessities and that they both coexist.


My midterm project specifically deals with science for the simple fact that I am a south campus major and could not think of anything that deal with both science and art. After accidently watching a clip of Guinea worms in lecture, I wanted to make my project centered on that.


My project consists of making someone who is more fortunate to have clean water understand how important clean drinkable water is. I made the participant have similar conditions as the Africans who are infected by Guinea Worms but instead I made the participant drink water with Giardia which is easier to control. The project is designed to make others want to pitch in and help other impoverish countries. We have some many resources, so why not lend a helping hand to Africa? Currently the issue of Guinea Worms is very big in Africa and lucky it is slowly being eradicated. Guinea Worms are white thread like worms that live in unclean water. Once the villagers drink them because the villagers have no other means of clean water, the worms live inside the body until they are ready to leave. Guinea worms leave by forming blisters and the villagers usually pull them out inch by painful inch. Then I realized this project does have art in it, the art of a life, the art of the human body. Art comes in many different forms and the body is a form of art. The body has the science of the cells but the way the body is, with its color, texture, it’s design its pure beauty and pure science.

 By Julie Pham

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