Week 5 midterm post-luis hernandez

Considering all the topics that have been covered in the class since the beginning of the quarter I have found an interesting relationship in human psychology. Sure, I do understand that art and science are truly inseperable, but why is this so? I have found that it is the varying human psychological characteristics in the ’scientists’ and the ‘artists.’ Most intriguing is the characteristics present in those who are in between- the true ’scientartists,’ if you will. We have discussed the two cultures which was a perfect way of starting off this course. It immediately presented the idea that the two cultures are symbiotic in a way as well as inseparable. Next we discussed mathematics which goes to support the symbiosis of the two cultures. I have found its presence in math and in art. Not only to do with measuring or with counting but in our overall existence. This math also ties into psychology in that numbers have certain effects on psychological processing that generally dictates performance among these ’scientartists.’ This is why it is no surprise that robotics should be brought up in the course seeing as to how intense the progression of artificial intelligence has come. I have come to see robotics as a manifestation of this mathematical impact on psychological processing. Channeling this energy into something that performs like an automaton is a visual representation of science and art participating with each other. In another sense, this can also be seen as a representation of human corruption in that these humans now have the ability to create something that can destroy. Medicine, which was also discussed, also parallels this human corruption. So much innovation has been seen yet at the same time, everything has the capability of being turned upside down. When this happens, I feel like no one can make any sense of anything-’scientartists’ or not.

My project proposes to disect the psychology a little bit by delving into perception. I’ve decided to make it less broad by tackling sensory perception and the influence language/ phonetics has on perception. What I wish to prove is that biological perception is instinctual and mutaul among all human creatures and that societal perception is what creates divides. In order to do this I linked societal perception with gibberish flash cards (phonetics) and biological perception with texture boxes (sensory) which are a sort of mystery since the contents are unable to be seen. Thus, you are left with one sense- sense of touch. Once all the individuals participating in my experiment see how similar they all reacted they will realize that biologically speaking they share the same perception. Now, when they match up flashcards with gibberish words, they’ll see how their society has shaped their perception judging from how they interpret the word on the flashcard and assign it to a box. The design, contents, and arrangement of the experiment is scientific and artisitic as well as the ideas, motivation and execution of this experiment. Everything was strategically placed and thought out, yet there was definitely room for some spontaneous activity which resulted in advancement- in the same way a scientist/artist might carry on.

-luis a. hernandez

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