Week 5 – Midterm blog by Michelle Wong

The four topics that were covered in the first half of the quarter were two cultures, mathematics, kinetic art/robotics, and medicine. These four topics are interrelated because it is impossible to separate science and art. First of all, in the two cultures – art and science, both scientists and artists share the same goal and rely on one another to achieve their goal. They both strive for perfection regardless of where they started. Science needs art to translate complex wordings and data into visuals that the general public can accept. Mathematics is perhaps not defined regarding which culture it belongs to. In art, mathematics is used as the perspective concept, geometric shapes, proportions, and display. In science, mathematics is used for accuracy, repetition, and as a way to explain their findings in actual proofs. Kinetic art and robotics falls back onto mathematics and art. Mathematics and science is needed to construct the robot and to control the robot as a set of inputs and outputs values. Although there were debates whether work created by robots qualify as art, I believe it is art. I think the robot and the work that the robot created as a whole is a piece of art created by the robot’s creator, it is just another way of displaying art. Medicine – my favorite topic yet. To me, medicine is an integration of all of the above topics. Robotics has yet to become a dominating subject in the field of medicine because of its stability and accuracy – something that doctors are trying to achieve. Medicine itself is an art because the scientists are playing “God” in which they are trying to create and correct everything – perfection in human nature. I have found all of the topics we have covered to be very interesting. If I didn’t take this class I wouldn’t have taken the time to draw out its similarities. The number of similarities they have among them are so tightly integrated that it is not possible to draw a distinct line and separate them by topics. Just like in math, each topic builds upon another.

My project ties in with the medicine, technology and art topics of this first half of the quarter. During the lectures we discussed how scientists have advance with the treatments of cancer by using technology; I feel that there should also be developments to assist us with everyday inevitable problems – acne. What I came up with is not something that will catch the attention of the majority of the public, but nevertheless it will be important to those with problematic skin. I came up with a device that will clear our skin pores by “sucking” out the sebum and the bacteria that is causing acne. So how does this tie with the artistic aspect of this course? Same idea with plastic surgery – I learned that people use plastic surgery to perfect themselves. Doctors and artists are the same in which they both strive for perfection. Acne may be a small problem compared to cancer, but it is still an obstacle to beauty.

By: Michelle Wong


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