Week 4 / Justin Kiang

This week’s focus on “body” is completely confusing to me.  Some of the videos we saw in class were actually quiet disturbing to me.  In my opinion,  the natrual state of a body is the “art”.  Some people think tattoo, piercing, body modification are “arts”, but I think those are actually destroying the piece of art we already have.

Our obsession with “beauty”, is the main cause of the unnecessary emphasize people put on the so-called “body art” in our society.  People spent so much money on these, and these money could be spent somewhere else more useful.  I think if you buy a sculpture, and most people will appreciate it, saying “oh, what a piece of art”.  But when you spend your half of your paycheck, getting your whole body tattooed, most people will say “oh my god, what a freak.  I wonder what is he thinking.”

I don’t have much time this weekend, and definitey do not want to spend the time that I already lack into something that I don’t have any interest on.

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