Week_4_The reality of Sci-Fi Movies and Progress of Artificial Intelligence

Week_4_The reality of Sci-Fi Movies and Progress of Artificial Intelligence
The many movie clips shown, such as the Island, the Matrix, led me to many other not shown movies such as the Terminator, AI, Wall-E, Robocop, and more. Reading Hippocrates’ “The Oath” created an image of a robot perpetuating its own “art” in its own form, combined with this week’s lectures imparted me the questions; does artificial intelligence exist, and what exactly is classified as AI?
Professor Vesna’s lectures about nervous systems, different types of brains, combined with the wide array of science fiction movies helped me formulate my own conclusion.  The only real factor that makes humans “conscious” or different from other life forms is our ability for original thinking beyond our basic needs to survive.  We humans do not think on an immediate level of what would service us best tonight for getting some meat, we think about what will serve us best for the long run in this society; so we get an education, jobs, and such.  Basic, “lower thinking” levels of animals may not necessarily be considered all that intelligent, but they are considered life forms.  A computer may be “smarter” than some of the most basic animals.  If “programmed” correctly, a robot will know how to survive better than some of the most basic animals or bugs. Computers and programs can store millions of lines of codes precisely, or they can calculate complex algorithms which would take a man days to write out on paper, or generate a multi-million array of pixels to for a gradient, a computer or robot is never quite alive.
I draw the line between artificial intelligence and simple mechanical slave depending on if the being NATURALLY feels pain, NATURALLY tries to survive, NATURALLY remembers, can NATURALLY die, and can NATURALLY reproduce.  Every living organic being has this instinct and natural tendency to survive in the best way possible.  If you intimidate or harm a rat, that rat will go away from you as fast as possible, and by evolution, the smarter rats that run away will prevail and lead to rats scared of humans.  I think this is the factor the deciding factor that would make a robot artificially intelligent.
This website mentions a robot which may be able to feel stimulus against its exterior, efficiently “feeling pain,” which is a step to caring for its own survival.   But it will probably not be able to remember what exactly caused that and it would probably not be able to completely avoid that factor in the future.  A program will act perfectly in the area that it is programmed to work, and it may be able to sense obstacles and go around them, but it is not ORIGINALLY thinking.  Thus, dancing robots are works of arts because they are the hard result of a brilliant coder/dancer, but they are not live dancers who know what they are doing.
A robot or program will not learn unless it is programmed to, but even if it does, it would need the ability to sort through the stored information to know when to use relevant pieces.  When we look at movies like Wall-E, we see a robot only programmed to pick up trash evolve into a feeling robot.  This would not happen unless the right software was placed.  The Terminator series shows Skynet becoming self aware and showing emotion.  This would not happen either; the programmers would not install emotions nor would it give it the ability to act upon its data analysis and give it weapons.  These sci-fi movies, which show machines that explode out of control, have a valid warning, and should defiantly play a large part in creating a new program or AI.
HERE is a human-like robot, but again, this is only a simulation program acts according to its programming, it is not alive.
But then what if there is a robot programmed to feel damage to its hardware, programmed to avoid the danger, learns how to avoid the pain, remembers its mistakes, naturally grows and decays with time, and knows how to assemble another one of itself, is it alive? Apparently, that day is happening really soon.

Does she look real? Shes a robot

Does she look real? "Shes" a robot

This website shows the research of a sex-drive in robots. Here, a South Korean professor has made leaps and bounds for a robot to actually being artificially intelligent, including having a sex drive and feelings.  The act of reproducing with robots may be a bit of a mystery, but such an article even opens a NEW set of questions, such IF we should create a new life form.
Here, researchers talk about the development of artificial intelligence, where AI that improves itself by maximizing it’s efficiency while having the ability to physically recreate itself.  However, the people have tried to program a system of “morals,” to ensure the sci-fi movies would not exist.  Such existence seems to tread on a danger zone, as seen in many sci-fi movies.
It seems as of AI according to my definition is only a matter of time.
By: Jason Kwok

Complex Robot, not quite alive though

Complex Robot, not quite "alive" though

By: Jason Kwok

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