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Final Abstract - John Philip Bongco

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Videotaped dance choreography— with a hip hop twist —will be used to artistically exemplify the properties of H2O as its state of matter changes in response to the elevation of temperature. Viewers will be able to see the characteristics of H2O represented in the dance as the dancer changes movement from rigid, solid isolations to fast-moving, chaotic, gas-like motions. Video editing will be used to accentuate the changes in temperature and dance movement to help the audience further understand the overall artistry of the choreography. The intent of this project is to showcase the art of dance and its obvious and covert connections to the topics covered throughout the DESMA 9 course.

By: John Philip Bongco

Abstract_Sense of Self - Lindsey Dawson

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

As an ambitious display of a lifetime of human self-emotion I propose a narrow tunnel, large enough for one, going through a high-traffic urban zone. Inside the tunnel are a series of mirrors and other modifiers that –as an unknowing participant walks through– will cause the one inside to view their body as however I choose to manipulate it. The tunnel’s exterior is directly behind these body-image altering panes, and is a one-way mirror itself allowing plain view from the outside. Open for public viewing is raw insecurity, from pubescent fears to development, eating disorders, and old age. Everyone will learn they are not alone in a world of self criticism.

-lindsey dawson

Final Abstract - Miki Koga

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Children possess the purest creative process in which they discover the world on their own with unique sensitivity and whole-hearted interest. I want humans to be able to deeply reconnect with their child-like subconscious mind. Through the temporary rewiring of neurons associated with childhood memories, one can mentally time-travel to his or her childhood and access his or her youthful perception. The mental experience is intended to help one unlearn and break free of some of society’s mechanical conditioning and to fully awaken the human capacity for originality and creation. By reliving the child’s mentality, one can return to the present with a revitalized mindset from which true creativity can flourish.

By: Miki Koga

Final Abstract: Steroids and Baseball by Mitch Platter

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

While most people feel that steroid use in professional baseball is unacceptable, they fail to realize how many players are on steroids in baseball today, and what pressure this puts on athletes. Therefore, my project proposes to create a baseball field and dozens of robots that will represent players from the past and the present. Participants will get to choose pitching and batting match-ups (from past and present) to see how past greats would fare in today’s game. Participants will also be able to give players artificial enhancements, and will see how this would affect their statistics.  This project will show what affects steroids have had on the game of baseball.

by Mitch Platter

Final Abstract- Andrew Ruesch

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

My project will have to do with the plates on the bottom of tap shoes. This will be a performance with sound; the sound will change as well the surfaces. These surfaces will have a temperature control so that the metal on the shoes changes the sound because of the heat or coldness. The performance will also have an interactive aspect to it, where audience members can directly influence the performance aspects of the show using temperature controls. So these shoes will be controlled remotely from a machine that is then controlled by the audience. The plates will also remotely change color, depending on the temperature so chosen by the audience. 

Abstract Gravity Orbital Experience by Leah Sitler

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

My project is a room where users can interact with the concept behind Einstein’s theory of general relativity.  Using high-tech gel flooring, the user will experience existence in Einstein’s space-time continuum, and visualize the effect that their gravity has upon the universe.  They will be able to interact with the source of gravity, and feel what it is like to be a orbit center for smaller objects.  The power the user feels in effecting these objects will help them to conceptualize the subjectivity of the universe.  The display will also explore social responsibility in regards to the effect of their actions on the world around them, and the interrelation of everyone.

Final Abstract- by Leslie Grant

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Scientists are currently using 3D printing as a new type of cell engineering, a computer aided formation of tissue layers and organs. The perfection of this technology will  revolutionize biomedical research by encouraging creative visualizations of how specific practices, chemicals, etc, affect individual components of the human body. The creation of living organs that respond to outside influences in every way short of expressing human emotion will help people view their inner components as truly living, and not as isolated mechanical parts. An exhibit of interconnected yet independently functioning organs receiving direct exposure to damaging stimuli would give people a complete understanding of the body’s internal response to certain lifestyle choices. 


Final Abstract by Madeline Schwarz

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

For my final project, I will transform Infinite Possibilities, the dance piece I created for my midterm, into a film using blue screen technology. Although it will incorporate aspects of the original piece, including the segments about the pluripotent capacity of hESCs and their potential therapeutic applications, the film will also involve more aspects of hESC research that are pertinent to our present generation. It will utilize animation and clips from sci-fi movies to discuss the techniques of SCNT and iPS and their questioned ethicality, and provide more sociopolitical context in the form of video news clips to make viewers understand that this research is not just speculation, but an imminent reality.

- Madeline Schwarz


Sunday, March 1st, 2009

The effects of harmful practices, such as smoking and eating unhealthily, on the human body are often ignored by those who perform such acts. Therefore, I propose to raise awareness of these habits by taking people through a tour of their own human body. By inserting a microscopic camera into the respiratory, digestive, and blood systems, digital technology will allow for the creation of a virtual tour through one’s own body. As the tour progresses, the appearance of these three systems will worsen to portray the negative effects that certain harmful habits have on our bodies over time. This very personal experience is meant to increase the overall health amongst society.

- Travis Johnson

Final Abstract: BioMods by Simon Wiscombe

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

BioMods is a exhibit designed to allow the user access to their own genetic material, allowing them to modify, add to, and remove from their own DNA. From there, they will step into a small room that will allow them to experience their new selves. This room will be a “virtual reality,” every wall being a display screen that transports the user to a completely open virtual environment for the user to explore. Through various sensors and attachments, the room will track the user’s movements and actions, allowing them to explore with their new genetic makeup. Multiple exhibits will be linked together to allow users to interact as their modified selves.

by Simon Wiscombe