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abstract - shanpeng li

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Surgery is a very important part of medicine today, but no matter how advanced surgical equipment becomes, there is always the risk of mistakes and errors humans can make. My final project will focus on creating an advanced surgical machinery that is programmed to perform numerous surgical procedures thus eliminating the chance of error nearly to zero. Human involvement is still required to gather sufficient information about patients and entering correct coordinates and starting selections that allows to machine to do its work without error. The machine will also take input from other monitoring devices in the surgical room in order to consistently maintain the patient’s health while the surgery progresses.

-shanpeng li

Final_Abstract Natural Efficiency By Gaurav Bansal

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Space is a hot topic today, especially with the way the economy is. There is a strong push to make cuts in the space industry, but it is imperative to keep satellites in space for our community to continue to progress. This being the case, there is a strong push for cheap, efficient missions. For my final project, I will analyze different orbits that can be used to put a satellite to its operating orbit. Since things in nature, namely objects in space, move in an elliptical fashion, I will test and compare the efficiency of a mission with a Fibonacci Spiral as a transfer orbit against the common orbital transfers.

By Gaurav Bansal

Abstract by Jessica Young

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

In attempting to integrate art and science, I am exploring the recently discovered technology in which the speaker has been revolutionized. Speakers are typically large and bulky objects, but this technology will allow music lovers everywhere to take their music with them as an article of clothing. By running thin wires through a shirt and attaching them to a small battery, the vibrations required to make sounds are created. The process is more complicated than that and will require some serious fine tuning before it can be marketable, however it represents almost limitless possibility. The experience of listening to music will not only be enjoyable, but now also much more convenient.

Abstract - Wind Power by Natalie Ridling

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

            For my final project, I am going to tackle the sound issue that surround wind turbines.  These could really change the energy crisis in our world, because we are going to have trouble with non-renewable energy sources if we don’t work to tackle this.  I plan to make the wind turbines make relaxing sounds and be painted with beautiful complementary designs.  This will be able to address all the different topics of our class, though I need help figuring out how to incorporate the medical aspect.  In this day and age it is important to plan for the future and make every effort to get rid of all objections from people. 


Natalie Ridling 

Final Abstract_111 Visual Recreation

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

People with disabilities and mental disorders and are grossly misunderstood in daily society.  The visual alteration of reality in this museum display aims to disorientate users’ reality.  This device will analyze the 3-dimensional reality through sonar and visually alter the user’s surroundings according to specific visually altering conditions such as delirium, hallucination, schizophrenia, and even drug trips.  Sonar’s ability to capture 3-dimensional objects will create false images on moving objects.  Many mathematical vectors and formulas will interact with the sonar projection in order to create a convincing visual hallucination.  This project’s intent is to promote understanding, sympathy, and even inspire users to think abstractly and in an intolerant and apathetic world.

By: Jason Kwok

Abstract by Brittany Santoyo

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Through the use of a visual demonstration depicting the decline of the bee population, the audience will be able to distinguish the damaging effects that this decrease will have on our society. This video will substantiate the fact that once the bees are gone, so is the human race, because the bees are a vital part of our ecosystem that enables a more productive way to pollinate flowers, which is the way we obtain our oxygen. The purpose is to furnish the audience with the knowledge that this is a grave, dreadful problem and to bestow upon the people a desire to change our lifestyle in order to accommodate the impediment.

~Brittany Santoyo



Sunday, March 1st, 2009

I like Los Angeles. Acutally, I like big cities; the idea of living in a thriving metropolis. It’s like living in a living thing. When we sleep our bodies continue operating. When a city sleeps, it continues to operate. For my final project, I would like to create an apparatus that demonstrates the life-like nature of a city using the city’s life blood - its people. At the moment, my idea is very scattered and unrefined, but it basically involves using cell towers triangulation to approximate the flow of people through the city. Spots of congestion are then mapped onto a drum machine, creating a dynamic symphonic representation of the city.

Enrico Mills

Final Abstract_ Junki Chae

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

For many years, the concept of electric and hybrid cars has been examined from both the technological and the ethical perspective. This presentation looks firstly at the ideological factors which influence research processes.

Next, we consider some of the research which has been carried out since the 1990s, and how this has given rise to changing perceptions of the electric vehicle and its performance and design as a art. Finally, we look at some current studies which indicate that it is possible to produce an efficient, durable hybrid vehicle at a lower cost than was previously assumed, which has positive implications for the integration of such vehicles into the mainstream market.

Abstract by Stephanie Mercier

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Using cutting edge biotechnology, a living fabric of cells imitating the morphing and color changing capabilities of the skin of a Cyanea octopus will be grown in a lab. This “living fabric” will be connected to electrodes controlled by a computer which stimulate the cells to morph and change colors in response to its environment. The response will be determined by the computer’s assessment of the situation as recorded by audio and video sensors in the exhibition room. The result is a half living, half mechanic display whose mechanical components control the living components rather than the other way around as in the real-life Rat Brain Robot(1) and the fictional Robocop(2).



-Stephanie Mercier

Abstract, The “Envisionment” Center of South L.A.- Diar Nejadeh

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

The “Envisionment” Center of South Los Angeles, will be the first implementation of the “Envisionment” Project.  The “Envisionment” Project is a nationwide initiative to revolutionize the field of Urban Planning, in an effort to allow a community to become directly involved in the community development process.  The Project’s main action is to call for an “Envisionment” Center, created at any City Hall, Community Center, or as an independent building is meant to be the first step in the revitalization process. The “Enivisionment” Center of South Los Angeles allows residents to leave the blighted streets they live on and focus on their own visions for their community, not its problems. 


by Diar Nejadeh