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Final Abstract

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

The purpose of this project is to help people understand the complex working of the human brain and the Neural processes within it. To do this I will train a Neural Network to perform complex processes using a computer, and then translate that model to the real world in a way that helps people to visualize the process, and believe in its capability to perform complex daily functions. The physical Neural Network will use light to perform all of its computational functions and will only use electronics to interpret and create input for the network. This project will help people to understand that Art and Technology play off one another, and that just because something involves technology, does not mean it isn’t art.

Drew Stanley

Abstract_Julie Pham

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

A MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) shows the detail images of a body part when we want to know what is going wrong but very few has thought about using the MRI as an art medium. A volunteer will lay in an MRI machine that will take pictures of the brain when the volunteer see a loved one. The brain should produce chemicals that make will show up on the MRI picture in different colors and this will be an art work in itself because it shows the art of love. 


By Julie Pham

Final Project Abstract _ Sarah Van Cleve

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

The creation of an underwater exhibit in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary will attract visitors and therein help educate the public on the fragile condition of coral reefs locally and worldwide. Not only will participants be educated during their time within the underwater habitat, forty feet below the surface, but they will be learning as they SCUBA dive down to the habitat and back up to the surface. While they descend to the habitat the participants will see the severely damaged coral reefs as they are today and then that will be contrasted when the participants see coral reefs as they could still be with careful conservation and restoration efforts.

Abstract by Jessica Amaya

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

A building, which will exist in  the recent future, will serve as a center of self discovery. It will have several floors specializing in different topics. Each floor will have various subcategories in them which will divide the people who go into the floors according to their interest and take them further into discovering where their true interests and thoughts lie. Of course, to minimize the affect of influence of the other people in the same floor, each person will go into their own small room. This room will have screens in all walls and will “transport” the person to a virtual place where all the information will be given to them.

Abstract - Insurance Frauds by Esteban Torres

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Michael Moore’s Documentary, Sicko, shows how health insurance companies vehemently search for ways not to insure clients or to deny people health insurance.  I considered ways of visually exposing to the general population just how inhumane America’s health insurance companies are.  I thought of my own experiences; I would always get letters from my health insurance company saying that they couldn’t cover the expenses of my sports injuries, etc.  First thought: how the hell is this insurance?  My project is a wall where people post their denial letters, and for those that die from disease the paper is painted red; we would see the people literally dying from thousands of denials.

Abstract: Overpopulation by Komal Kapoor

Monday, March 2nd, 2009


The world is at the brink of 7 billion people and overpopulation is a growing concern. I would like to create an installation to be positioned strategically in the densely populated regions of the world. It would contain a room that projects the near-future where overpopulation will have become detrimental. The observer must push past a sea of people, engulfed by a stench of garbage and sewage resulting from the lack of resources to sanitize. The images on the wall will depict starvation and disease; water fountains will provide brown, murky water. The overall scene will of devastation in hopes of making individuals more aware of the consequences of our actions.  

Abstract_ Michie Cao

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Recently, Emotiv Systems developed a neurohedset that allows game users to carry out certain actions in a video game by detecting the electrical signals in their brains and “reading” their conscious thoughts and expressions and non-conscious emotions.   This headset can therefore detect emotions such as anger, excitemtent and action and even facial expressions.   I plan to use this technology in diferently: instead of controlling certain actions in a video game, such as hitting a ball, the electrical signals in the brain will control the sounds and the images that are projected onto walls of a room.   In response to the the mood or emotion of the user, the room will produce different scenes and ambiance.  For example, the scene and sounds of the ocean could be displayed so as to soothe and calm down the user.

Nicolas Nelson Sec1A, Final Abstract

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

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Nicolas Nelson Sec1A, Final Abstract

According to M-theory*, everything in our universe is constituted of strings of energy; most are bounded to an eleven-dimensional membrane. It claims that there are infinite universes within other membranes. Living in three-dimensional existence, we could never travel spatially to the others, and since photons are similarly incarcerated upon the celestial sheet, we will never see them. However, the graviton is capable of traversing the membranes. Gravitons yield gravity, which we perceive as bending in four-dimensional space-time. Pioneering technologies are developing ways of detecting gravity waves. The idea is to synthetically induce high-frequency gravity waves to communicate with other universes and search for intelligent life in ways that special travel cannot.

Note: The final presentation will be clearer because it will have more than 111 words.

Abstract- Joshua Wilson

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Religion plays a major role in today’s society going as far as limiting what a person should or shouldn’t partake in, or even that person’s view on the value of life. My project will involve a religion mixer.  The creation of the religion mixer is simply a put together program that will be inserted into a computer, it will comprise of many religions. This project will match a person’s personal values with a religion. In many ways it could be looked upon as a self-evaluation, but it will also allow you to take from it a new perspective on life, and a religion. This process will also affect morals and ethics.

 Joshua Wilson

Final Abstract / Justin Kiang

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

There has been a general lack of concern about preventive health care in the society we live in.  There has been little effort in proactively eliminating health related problem before they take over our health.  Unfortunately, many of these health related issue can be very problematic, and difficult to fix once they occur.  Unfortunately, the generally population knows too little about their body to take good care of it.  My final project will mainly focus on raising the awareness of the above mentioned issue through interactive exhibition and information display.  With my proposal of education the mass population with preventive health care, we can efficiently eliminate many of these health problems.