157A Weekly Schedule:

Week 1:
Tuesday, Jan 6th
Class Overview
watch: King of Kong

Thursday, Jan 8th
Discussion: Scope/Definition of games
Taxonomies of games
Lecture: Strange  games
Handout: Homebrew Game presentation
Due : reading notes 1

Week 2:
Tuesday, Jan 13th

Homebrew game presentations (pt 1)
Handout: Sports game
Due: Homebrew Games Presentations

Thursday, Jan 15th
Homebrew game presentations (pt 2)
Methods for game analysis
Designing good rules
Chance and skill
Grading game: collaborative design
4:00PM Art Sci Lecture: The Search for Meaning by Jonathan Young
Due : reading notes 2

Week 3:
Tuesday, Jan 20th

Sports game presentations (pt 1)
Handout: video game -> board game
Due: Sports Game

Thursday, Jan 22nd
Sports game presentations (pt 2)
Emergence and open play
Play Mechanics /Dynamics
Due: reading notes 3

Week 4:
Tuesday, Jan 27th
Video game>Board game presentations (pt 1)
Handout: Proverb game
Due: Video game>Board game presentations

Thursday, Jan 29th
Video game>Board game presentations (pt 2)
Due: reading notes 4

Week 5:
Tuesday, February 3rd
Proverb game Presentations (pt 1)
Handout: Blue Sky Design Doc
Due : Proverb game

Thursday, February 5th
Proverb game Presentations (pt 2)
Design Documents
Due: reading notes 5

Week 6:
Tuesday, February 10th
Blue Sky Design Doc Presentations
Electronics basics
Arduino Basics
Handout: Binary I/O Game
Due: Blue Sky Design Doc  (think of next quarter)

Thursday, February 12th
Binary Logic, Breadboard
Buttons, Switches, Resistors and LEDs

Week 7:
Tuesday, February 17th
Binary Game Presentations
Power Amplification, Relays, Solenoids, DC motors
Crimping Demo
Handout: Wearable Game
Due : Binary Device Game Addon

Thursday, February 19th
Circuit Diagrams
Fabrication Lab Demo #1 (Into)
Open Lab time

Week 8:
Tuesday, February 24th
Wearable Game Presentations
Analog In, pots, photo resistors, Analog out, H-Bridge, Servos
Handout: Gravity Game
Due : Actuator/ motor Game Addon

Thursday, February 26th
Perforated Circuit board Demo
Elevator, Plunger, Hopper
Open Lab time

Week 9:
Tuesday, March 3rd
Gravity Game Presentations
Fabrication Lab Demo #2 (Laser Cutter)
Handout: Electronic Laser Playfield Game (Revisit and Rifine)
Due: Gravity Game

Thursday, March 5th
Open Lab time

Week 10:

Tuesday, March 10th
Open Lab time

Thursday, March 12th
Open Lab time

Finals Week:
Electronic Laser Playfield Game Presentations
Due:Electronic Laser Playfield Game